The State of Xbox and Patch 3.6.1

Really enjoying not being able to play one of my characters since it crashes if I use its attack skill. [Removed by Support]
Currently being stalked around these forums by some clowns who caught feelings over being called out at being grossly inept at their job.
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Completely broken. Patience is running out. Reinstalled, wired directly, still constantly crashing.
Game ran fine before the patch and still runs absolutely fine.
(xbox one x)
Reinstalled it 3 times. Before the patch everything was fine. Now the game is unplayable. Crashes Everytime i attack... sometimes its fine dir 5 minutes but i cant finish any map without 2 crashes.... its just stupid.
After this most recent patch on tuesday i've crashed once in around 10 hours of playing. finally able to play the game, original xbox wireless setup. Thanks GGG!
Good to see so many players is happy now after this update.
Even though I just had one single crash. I know some here said it was mainly from Act 10 and so, but I have seen many Video Clips that some players made on Xbox from far earlier Acts which was really, really bad. And I almost got slaughtered because I was "only" on Act 5.

One thing I miss though, is in fact the Glimmerwood Boxes. Because I want to actually buy a bundle or two. I see everything else is already in place, but no Glimmerwoods.
We're aware of the crash issue affecting various melee abilities. I'm aiming to have this resolved in patch 3.6.2 which we're working on now.
3 Disconnects in under an Hour. Once to dashboard, Twice to menu. Game is pretty much unplayable for me. I am in Australia. I've noticed more disconnects were occurring in the past due to Wireless Channel interference but I moved the channel to one which has low interference. Oh and I'm on an Xbox One X. Such a shame as this is great fun to play with a mate.
Also can player groups have a timeout tolerance? It's really annoying having to try and re-group after a DC.
I ran Xbox Diagnostics but it was pretty much useless and said everything on my connection is good.
Can someone confirm that Winter Orb have no bug this pach?
Any ETA on patch 3.6.2? Game is still unplayable for me for the melee abilities I use.

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