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The guide talks about getting 100% ailment immunity, but even with the small cluster jewel I only seem to have 50%? Any easy way to achieve the recommended 100%?
After 21 attempts, I finally got an usable bow. Lucky me.

layas wrote:
The guide talks about getting 100% ailment immunity, but even with the small cluster jewel I only seem to have 50%? Any easy way to achieve the recommended 100%?

In addition to the Thick Skin nde cluster and the Elegant Form small cluster jewel, you will need to bench-craft "25% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" onto two pieces of armor to achieve 100%. I chose gloves and boots for myself, but you can also craft onto a rare helm or body armor.
Hey, i am level 84 with the build, should i stick with ~90lvl skill tree, which is a little outdated or should i re-allocate to Entry Setup? Here's my current POB - https://pastebin.com/Grtb6Py3
Hey, just a quick question.

I noticed that I myself dont use Blink arrow at all, im fine with the withering step/dash setup. what can I use instead of blink arrow?
Hello people,

I'm playing SSF and wonder if someone could give me some crafting advice here.

I did some alteration\regal\annul spamming and ended up with this base:

I want to replace my current gloves:

What are my best bets to hit some decent mods like Life\Res\Attack Speed?
I saved up a bunch of Ex in SSF and have all crafting mods unlocked.
Im not experienced with advanced crafting and wonder what to do?
Just multi mod and ex slam on top? Or do I block mods or use beasts etc?

I appreciate any advice here, big thanks!!

Why is no one using a Divergent version of mirage archer? It gives +20% increased skill effect duration and is a 5c gem.

I was about to respec my skill tree to hybrid hp/es and carcass jack dropped than a helm w/ a +40% caustic arrow enchant popped out of a heist chest now I'm not sure which direction to go with a respec or just leave it. I'm in ssf not sure if I want to gamble rerolling thread of hope for phasing. I'd like a bigger hp pool for a8 sirius to avoid getting one shot.

Anyone that could help me out a bit? Need a tip, or just someone to look over my stuff, as I have issues being able to mantain Malevolence, clarity and flesh and stone. I go exactly 0 mana left when I got them all up, and my caustic arrow cost is 26.

According to the build, I would preferably have a watchers eye, with both -9 mana cost, and unaffected by bleeding, but that's a no go atm, as I can't find it anywhere.

So I was hoping someone better knowledgable than me, could give me some tips on how to proceed, as I would preferably like to have all auras and still be able to fight.

I don't really have a budget, as I can farm whatever, not in any hurry.

Pastebin link for my current setup -

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Turn off clarity and use a replica conqueror's instead of a watcher's.
Get bleed protection from a corrupted jewel.
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