Xbox One 3.6.2 Patch Status

Earlier today we've deployed the 3.6.2 update for PC. Initially we were planning to release this update on Xbox also today, but unfortunately ran into unexpected problem. Considering the time we need to resolve the issue and a submission process, the 3.6.2 patch is likely to be released early next week (we expect Monday (North America time)). We apologise for the delay.
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Grinding Gear Games
HecticKris wrote:
will betrayal be activated with this patch?
Yes, Betrayal content is re-enabled in this patch.
Corrison wrote:
Menono wrote:
Will this patch fix the issue I’m running into with soulrend making the enemies go invisible?

Not limited to soulrend. There are a few other skills that I have noticed do this.
This currently isn't resolved in the 3.6.2 patch. I believe we'll be aiming to have our long term solution feature included in the 3.6.3 patch to follow, I'll try to have further information on this next week.
I just want to be able to play my character without crashing. Been over a week now, please say this patch is coming today...

p4ndi0n wrote:
The 3.6.2 patch comes today?
I really wanna these Synthesys changes and Betrayal content back *.*

Patch 3.6.2 is releasing today at 3:00pm PST.

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