[Console] You Can Now Log In to the Website Using Your PS4 or Xbox One Account

With the launch of Path of Exile on PlayStation 4, we want to take a moment to discuss what both PS4 and Xbox One players can do on the Path of Exile website:

Using your Xbox One or PlayStation 4 login credentials, you can log into the Path of Exile website. The PoE website includes discussion forums for both consoles, as well as the capacity to link items on the forums, view your characters (as well as other player's characters, permissions allowing), and see and show off your Supporter Pack badges.

You can send messages to other players if you know their account names, and, of course, see the latest Path of Exile news, competitions, and upcoming content reveals.

The Path of Exile website also contains an interactive Passive Skill Tree, including each class's Ascendancies, with which you can plan out your next build!

So welcome to the community! We're excited to have you.
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