[Console] You Can Now Log In to the Website Using Your PS4 or Xbox One Account

Grandsmith wrote:
Did anyone manage to import a xbox character into PoB?

I tried but it doesn't work at the moment. Maybe PoB needs an upgrade
Is iT possible to combine youte pc poe acount with youte ps 4 ons?
I got slot of micro transactions on the pc world love tonuse them on s 4 as well..
Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks a lot!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now allow us console users to move items around our stash so I can sort dump tabs comfortably (and while at work). Good job GGG!
Can we buy MTX and points through the website directly and still get them on the console account ?

Also if you click on "Buy Points" in the website shop while being logged in through a console account you get a "Permission denied. You don't have permission to access this area." message.
Great Job GGG
Very nice. Improvements in this game never stop. I was there on Xbox since the beginning... it is different and way more playable.

YAY!! It works!! Thank you GGG now I feel like part of the community!

Been playing on Xbox since day one, this has been a long time in the making and now that it's here I'm not going to be productive at all at work today playing with this new feature.
Awesome! Can't wait for POB!!

My PS4 account PC PoE account email addresses are same. When I logged-out with my PC account and click on "PS Network" link at main login page, its login with my PC account. And there is an "Account not verified" red text at top of my profile picture. When I click on that text "You don't have permission to access this area." message is appearing.

I see my PS4 characters on my character list. And can not see my PC characters. Also it shows correctly my purchased currency amount at PS4 store.

Thats all I noticed yet. Mostly I'm playing on PS4 since release. However, I might want to see or play with my PC account too. Checked forum for similar posts nor Staff posts. There is none about this issue. What should I do?

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