[Console] You Can Now Log In to the Website Using Your PS4 or Xbox One Account

This is quite unexpected and very exciting news! Thank you for this! Thank you,
thank you, thank you!!
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Nothing, never mind. Juts log with the wrong PSN account...

So you don't need to have the game when logging in.
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Does this mean we are getting trade integration at some point now are tabs are showing on the website
Finally!!! Thanks GGG.

So, when can we expect Hong Kong / Taiwan PSN release? Not able to purchase MTX is really annoying as I am starting to get a lot of stuff in my stash.

How do I "link" my ps4 account?
Thorakx wrote:
How do I "link" my ps4 account?

There is no link at the moment. Also, system has minor bugs. But, they are working on it to fix issues.

Made a detailed post about usual questions about it. Link is below.

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Okay thanks bud, I made it work!
I use the same email here already since 2011. So I just log in with the same email but my Xbox password?

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