[Console] You Can Now Log In to the Website Using Your PS4 or Xbox One Account

When you log in there is an option on the right to log in with your Xbox account use your xbox live email and password to sync.
PoB has been updated too, we can now import our character from Xbox and PS4 ! This is so great !! No more manual crafting xD
These are great things happening. Keep it up GGG.
Hello, haven't played the game since act 4 got released, back in 2015... Came back for the great ARPG experience, dark atmosphere and the trophies. I miss the old Lioneye's Watch soundtrack. :) Keep up the great work GGG!
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Good stuff guys, was waiting for PS4 logging in.

So pleased we have PoE on PS4. It works great :)
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This is sooooo awesome. Thank you thank you thank you!
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DanSmithKY wrote:
If you link your console account to a Twitch account, you'll get the Purple Bundle MTX set. I just verified that I did get the items in game after doing so. Go to your account, then click the "Manage Account" button towards the bottom left corner of the screen, and then click the Twitch link.

I linked my account and now?Could u explain how you did it?thanks
GGG what about the possiblilty to connect PC Account to PS4/XBOX Account just on the Forums? So that you have one Account that has PC characters AND PS4 characters. But you can only play PC Chars on PC and PS4 Chars on PS4, I think you get the Point. Also the MTX's are system Bound so you don't have the trouble with Sony/Microsoft.
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Great stuff
Panacea06 wrote:
Great stuff

Well, to a certain degree it is yes. If you are all new to this forum and only having signed up once to this forum with/through your Xbox or now PS4.

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