[Console] You Can Now Log In to the Website Using Your PS4 or Xbox One Account

Corrison wrote:

I found another post that mentioned using a program called Procurement.

PS4 - https://github.com/Flenst/Procurement-PS4/releases

Xbox - Haven't looked for.

Edit - Here is a thread talking about what it does and how to use: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/172710

Procurement itself ( https://github.com/Stickymaddness/Procurement ) has merged PS4/XBox support 8 days Ago,
its just a matter of time when they have the next release or compile it yourself.
Is iT possible to combine youte pc poe acount with youte ps 4 ons?
I got slot of micro transactions on the pc world love tonuse them on s 4 as well..
Since this is a new feature and all, I'm sure there will be growing pains to go along with it. That said, is there a way to stay logged into the site like you can with your PC PoE account? If I'm off even for a couple of minutes, the login token for the consoles appears to expire. For some reason it's set to be the same as the security token when making a post in a thread, which itself is absurdly short (I nearly always have to hit Submit twice because the "security token has expired").

I know it's only one more click, but when every new session on this site results in hitting that agonizing CloudFlare DDoS check, additional clicking and waiting for the page loads gets annoying.

Anywho it's just a question. Not any kind of deal breaker or whatever, just "why can't conosle members' logins be remembered like PC members?"
awesome !!!
Gotta love this so much! <3
Just thought I'd chime in here that after the website switched over to the Legion theme, it now takes several clicks/attempts to log in via the PSN credentials. I average anywhere from 5-10 tries before it stops failing and actually logs me in.

Something appears to have been munged in the site changeover.

This has been tested with cookies and all caches deleted, so it's definitely a new issue.
Just another update - Could you folks get in touch with CloudFlare and get them to fix their RayID system's interface with your forum? Not only are their RayIDs changing, sometimes multiple times during the "please wait while we scan your browser" phase, but I'm having to click five, ten, fifteen, even twenty times or more on the PSN login button to get it to actually stick. When it fails, it gives the CloudFlare RayID as part of the redirect URL and then dumps me back to the blank login page, forcing me to click again.

This started happening right when you changed the site over from Synthesis to Legion. It's rather frustrating having to do all that just to log in because the site is somehow unable to remember PSN tokens like it can the regular PC account tokens.

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