Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Here's a bunch of nerfs so you pretty much HAVE to play new league
Schmockla wrote:
" The value of increases to energy shield on various passive clusters have been lowered"

EXaclty what was needed - after u get 1 shot with +20k Es form 50% of bosses and some rare nemesis ones.....LETS LOWER THE AMOUNT MORE ! BEST CHOICE !

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Bye bye Herald of Agony :( That Blood Magic change really hurt my supportive build with HoA >.<
mic01851165 wrote:
Aquatic26 wrote:
The fact that so many people are angrily flipping out kinda proves that GGG is right and these changes were needed. Last league, 90% of people were playing one of three overpowered builds. I'm glad they're nerfing them. It is a GOOD thing because it is diversifying builds by making them more even. I remember when people cried about melee when 3.6 launched. Now that it's balancing with buffs to melee you guys are crying yet again.

You're only proving that GGG should ignore you.

I'm not saying that GGG always makes the right decisions. But they make far more good decisions than bad and people need to just relax and enjoy the game. Legion is going to be great and I'm highly looking forward to it. :)

Diversitising builds?

Like they make sure melee is absolute trash in 3.6 so EVERYONE MUST PLAY casters? Or make sure spells is absolute trash in 3.7 so EVERYONE MUST PLAY melee?

This is not diversity, they're just forcing meta, and make sure any non meta need to be trash so no-one will play it.

Just wait for 3.8 to nerf Slayer and Berserker back down again to force another stupid meta. Meta is forced upon BY GGG , not because playerbase has no creativity. They're the true culprit behind everything.

Only clowns who didn't play much of this game didn't know that.
(Still boggles me that GGG still think Storm Brand and Soulrend need a nerf despite their dps is quite laughable against bosses)

You didn't have to play caster in 3.6, nor will you have to play melee in 3.7.

The facts are that sheep will gravitate towards the easiest, fastest, most brainless build possible and without any nerfs, that would be casters yet again (not certain that it won't be anyway).

The solutions here would be to:
- stop buffing things that don't need to be buffed (vide spells in synthesis, so much for self casting, huh?)
- stop over buffing things that need to be brought up
- be mindful of power you're introducing into the game, both on the tree and in terms of items/ease of crafting

If those 3 simple steps start to be followed, we won't need a nerf manifesto every 3 months.
Bex_GGG wrote:

New Skill Enchantments
There has been an ongoing discussion about the enchantment system, but we've yet to come to a conclusion on how obtaining helmet enchantments may change, as a result of new enchantments making specific enchantments harder to obtain.

Consume 20lvl 20quality gem to get enchant related to consumed gem.

...farming specific enchant is pain, especially when you cant buy it.
I have been farming barrage enchant on farrul helmet this league and got nothing useful. It is tedious and unrewarding rng mess. I will never try it again.

Overall reasonable changes thx GGG
hwat wrote:

For fuck sake, what was wrong with storm brand?
Even with high investment it was hard to kill uber elder.

You are joking right?
Bummed that the ailment changes were pushed but can't wait to start looking at the revised tree. All the animation changes I think I gotta use first to appreciate.

RIP Ghost Shroud, not that it wasn't way better than other options, but hopefully it still feels good to use.

Not surprised about the fire and forget style spells.
Ggg needs to play there own game and stop nerfing content that does not to be nerfed. I am sick of making new builds just to have them nerfed so hard in the ground that they can not even be played. How about instead of nerfing everything bring all lower content up to par. And if you think something is to powerful, make the enemys harder. You don't piss people off and everything is fair.

Dense fossil change are dumb, es changes are dumb, occulttist changes are wack, why did you destroy ELEMENTISTlist?

Someone mentioned it earlier, ggg is nerfing the content that makes the game fun.

For dense fossils, crafting to me is fun and creating powerful items is very rewarding but now that I cant do that its hard for me to want to craft in future leagues knowing that I can't get anything better then what I have in standard.

Oh and dumbest comment by ggg, casters do little investment for mana sustain? Are you kidding me? For melee builds all they need is one skil point on the passive tree and they fix there problem.

I will play a berserker this league and if they nerf that to the ground for what ever skill gem I use next league I will seriously be done with this game.

Hate this patch, hate majority of these changes especially the ones that don't make sense. At least melee might be cool again.

Ggg play your game so you actually know what's going on.
Once again people are in uproar because they fail to understand that POE is a live game that evolves and changes over time. Try a new build, find a way to make your old build work with the new changes, appreciate that Headhunter all the more if you acquire it. Of course some planned changes won't make it into this patch but that's just how it is, no big deal, they will happen in time.

The changes to melee sound absolutely brilliant and Legion sounds like it's going to be a fun league. The run-up to 4.0 is becoming ever more interesting as various areas of the game are getting reworked and iterated upon, exciting times indeed.

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