Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Glad to see you have the balls to swing the nerf bat. It certainly is needed. <3

Looking forward to 3.7.
Tell you what folks, since there's alot of shitposting here..

I'm gonna follow you with a nice: keep going, I'm enjoying every single comment.. whenever it's some NPC from reddit or someone very frustrated..

remember that the lead dev said that they "love" angry posts, I'm sure it's because they study what the problem is with each one of the posts here or reddit..
How boring and small.

"By the Gods, I can't ignore.. The sight of his face shrouded in death's cold embrace.."

Chapter: XXI.
Good changes overall.
Is there a build that can be used as a league starter for farming currency every league? My biggest issue is that I constantly have to relearn the game and never get to practice end game. I used to make it to Shaper but these last couple of leagues never even made it to the end of the leagues content...
Feels like they killed the only nice node in elementalist to have people not play it at all a league, so they can rework the character completely, because it has some weird inconsistent design. Basically have some rage now instead of having all the rage later. But maybe I am overestimating them and this is just random and very unneeded nerf.

I dont play ES but I feel it was nerfed in too many ways.
I dont use warlords mark on my casters because I have figured out other, cheaper ways to sustain, but I think this ability absolutely gutted now so no one will ever use it. It simply does not offer anything "unique" anymore.

I dont really believe casting got nerfed enough to justify the outrage. However given the attacking got improvements I can see how everyone will gravitate toward life/attacks and relevant equipment prices are going to be skewed. For a company that cares about ingame economy so much this is a fail. The optics of reviving one thing and nerfing the opposite thing in the same patch will make people gravitate unnecessarily toward the better off option, even if the worse off option doesn't really take a big hit.

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Many thanks, dear developers, no joke. I play your project before the release of Awakening, and I remember how interesting and deep the game was at that time. People didn’t just farm tons of currency in order to farm tons of currency 2 seconds faster, but played, talked and enjoyed the game, constantly waiting for something new. Many of the commentators have forgotten that you are releasing a new league, with new unique objects and opponents, with a new experience of the game. Editing the balance is needed, and for a long time, so that the game again began to challenge the players, and not to slip into the casual killing of everything and everything with one button. I wish you good luck with all my heart!
Does this mean minions will hit multiple targets too?
Hello. Theme here is:
Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

Well, I have to say:
1.) Balancing seems to be very hard for the Dev's (in general) and especially for those of GGG. a.) most likely GGG used to nerf things to the ground. b.) Introducing Skill-Gems, that have to be nerfed in the next Patch is a really bad policy, especially nerfing those nearly to be 'useless' [=> a.)]. c.) Nerfing ES once again is one of those fails; especially combined with the Nerfs to the Occultist. Why do the GGG developers dont understand that ES has a lot of downsides compared to life? ... besides of mitigation, freeze, flasks, and heavy gear-investment?
2.) Buffing the Melee-things (in general) is a good idea. But alongside with those buffs, Casters (not only W-Orb, Soulrend, Bane etc.) receive a significant Nerf! Warlords-Mark not working with spells is a huge nerf to many casters; costing 2-5 more skillpoints investing in the tree.
Overall, I have to say: 50%-50% for me. The last judgement depends what the new skillTree looks like.
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Dagger and Staff base types
The list of Dagger and Staff base types now includes a number of weapons that inherently can't have any caster modifiers on them. Previously, creating a great attack dagger or staff was significantly more difficult than other weapons like claws or maces, as preventing caster modifiers was an additional, often expensive, step.

A staff that can't roll caster modifiers is now called a Warstaff, while daggers that can't roll caster modifiers are called Daggers and ones that can are called Rune Daggers. Existing base types are unaffected. We've tried to maintain a diverse set of weapons, keeping base types appropriate to those that were favoured for a specific role. There have been some numerical changes to these weapons to further reinforce this.

Now do the same for wands. Caster wands, and physical wands. Wander needs some TLC. All 5 usable wander skills are from 2010-2013.
Disappointing GGG.

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