Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

_barcode_ wrote:
In PoE there is no real story, reward or any other motivation for players to slow down, not in leveling and not in the end-game. Grinding is maybe fun if it's rewarding, and it's only rewarding if you kill 1,000s of monsters in parties or if you manage to reliably survive lab traps and Izaro's attacks (and actually like Lab).

For us casuals playing solo, not playing meta is a non-option. Finishing (again, duh) leveling after few days, then kind of wondering around in low / mid level maps and low-level delve, without real chance to go anywhere further, without feeling of progress or being rewarded with some exciting loot, that becomes dull and feels like waste of time. And I am talking about playing the strong builds. No casual I guess would want to waste their time on experimental / niche purpose build which falls off rather quickly after act 10 without substantial investment.

PoE does have a story, about as much as Grim Dawn or D3 has a story. Players not paying attention to said story isn't because it isn't there. There's plenty of lore about too (go ahead and ask me about it sometime - Players play zoom zoom because they choose to, it's rewarding and the game allows it, but they're not forced to. But not all. Some of us do take the time to smell the roses...err, rhoas. ;)

And being casual doesn't force to play meta. It is very much an option. I know, cos I've done it. Winter Orb is meta - I didn't touch it this league, and only briefly played with it last league before switching completely to self-cast Ice Spear alone. My last build in Synthesis was Charged Dash - Cast While Channeling. Not the weirdest idea, but certainly not meta. Did I get a HH? No. Do I care? No.

It's a game. You can play it how you want to. It's up to you to make the most of that opportunity, or forego it if you wish but don't pretend that wasn't your choice.

Btw, my starting plans for Legion - Shattering Steel. On a Gladiator. You can follow the crowd of Slayers and Berserkers using Cyclone if you want.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
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I was right i told before how to fix meelee ?
Lets Disable Spells for whole league

Yeah and with elementalist trickster nerf and other shit looks like i was right :D

Now we forced to play thoose shity melee ascendacies
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LeetbakaDX wrote:
donion wrote:
Hyped as F
Please consider return synthesis in the next leagues

Please DON'T.

They'll probably return it like they did Bestiary before. Do you see lots of ppl complaining about Bestiary now? It's been pared down and made much less troublesome. Synthesis, if returned, will probably be similar. And Bestiary was an even more widely disliked league than Synthesis.
[quote="Qarl"]Fixed a bug where occasionally Fairgraves, Neverdying never dies[/quote]
Storm brand was nerfed a while ago. AGAIN? WTF.
kotsapl wrote:

patch notes fell rlly bad i dont see melee buff.... only shady changes and mostyl all is about they force u to play Melee becasue of caster es nerfs

No you are choosing not to see a melee buff.
The warlords change seems silly to me.
The drawback was that you had to use warlords as your curse to sustain mana.

So now in a no regen map you have to swap to a mana potion , and undo some auras so that you have ample amounts of mana for the potion to not immediately end its effect.

Overall this did not need to be done.
kotsapl wrote:

patch notes fell rlly bad i dont see melee buff.... only shady changes and mostyl all is about they force u to play Melee becasue of caster es nerfs

No you are choosing not to see a melee buff.

Where is u see melee buff >? for endgame ? in slayer life leech nerf ?

or Slayers goes to crit ? why they force u in every class to play CRIT build ?

its easy to make 5 mln DPS build with Crit build and 200 ex investment why we need do this in slayer also ?

what about PURE PHYSICAL AND NO CRIT BUILDS i dont see buffs there and thats melee was for me .
kotsapl wrote:
1.Early-game Melee combat feel ? what a waste of resources who cares about leveling and early game which u do for 4 hours ? ok 10 hours then maps where is update for end game melee buff becasue i dont see any fix ?

2.Multistrike gem nerf nice GGG

3.immortal call and molten shell nerf cant be used together and wtf this max 5 endurance charges consumed wtf

4. Nice another slayer nerf life leech ruined WHY ? i still die in 1 seond in betrayal with 5000 leech regen per second wtf ...
4b. WTF why SLAYER is forced now to go for crit ? why u force to play crit build with every ascendacy wtf ? do u call this buff >? u can do easy 5 mln build with any asscendacy if u make crit build and investment 200 ex we didint need slayer for that

5.Abyss jewels nerf omg ?
6. Energy shield builds nuked by passives and dense fossils nerf, especialy there will be no synthesis item anymore in Legion league

Chris: How to make melee buff ?
employe 1 . Lets nerf most popular caster ascendacy from last league like : Occultist Trickster Elementalist
employe 2 : and lets make some shitty changed in melee ascendaces like slayer gladiator and berserker so they will need time to figure out that all is bullshit
Chris: Very well very well

patch notes fell rlly bad i dont see melee buff.... only shady changes and mostyl all is about they force u to play Melee becasue of caster es nerfs

If they make buff they should make buff not do shady thing like increase some values there and nerf another ones ... becasue thats make confusion and sometimes take ages to figure out if thats was actually buff or Tricky step thats my Opinion

Slayer forced to go crit humm? I will go slayer starforge with RT and im not forced to go crit because they added one crit node to the ascendancy.
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"there are many changes that affect Bleeding" Can someone point these changes to me? I missed those.
Draegnarrr wrote:
but the loss of Life Leech without a buff to the Leech gem so it's desirable will hurt.

Its easier to get life leech than running warlords anyway, its a wep enchant, you can fossil it on rings, its a shaper/elder neck mod, corruptions etc.

Infact getting a good leech piece is cheaper than getting a warlords ring if your happy without the mana leech (obviously don't have a choice in that regard now)

people thinking that there are no leech options for spells have never actually looked whats available, warlords was probably the worst of the lot lol

Eh. There are other ways, but Warlord's was a good way to do it for Inquis since you ignored eke resist on grits anywaya, so it allowed you to focus on other mods or items early on before you started crafting. Like you can easily switch to Assassin's after you get leech from other spots, but Warlord's had a great spot when leveling or on starter builds. Loses a lot of its value on attacks too since most attack builds go claws, the claw wheel (bows with Lioneye jewel), or the Dueliat leech wheel. Inquis being the odd one put with not being able to reach that far, but it's workable for that.

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