Balance in Path of Exile: Legion

kotsapl wrote:

Where is u see melee buff >?


"Many attack gems now also have added damage that grows as the gem levels. This is mostly to provide more damage growth to characters while leveling if they haven't found a powerful weapon"

"As you can now hit multiple targets with a single weapon swing, Melee Splash can now create multiple splash effects each attack. The skill now has a larger splash damage penalty, as it can much more effectively destroy groups of enemies if you position your attacks carefully"

"We're introducing a number of new support gems, two of which enhance or support slower attacks, while another support gem and aura skill further enhance the pure physical damage playstyle"

"We've made a pass of damage, attack speed, area of effect and more to many melee skills. The goal of this change is to make some less powerful choices more competitive with other comparable alternatives"

"Many low level weapons have had their attack speeds increased to bring them closer to the fastest speed of their item class"

Here's a few snippets but I would have assumed you already read these in the manifesto. Note the emboldened text referring to buffs to a pure physical play style.

Sir Most of your type are about enchance low level characters :D who the hell is care about this ? for 4-10 hours leveling ? ENGAME ON MELEE was broken after nerfing stat stick

but u right i didint saw the thing : "while another support gem and aura skill further enhance the pure physical damage playstyle" but do u think thats gonna be real PURE DMG support ? when they arealdy nerf MULTISTRIKE which give so low DPS

and yes if total DMG output on skills gems by istelf wont be doublet or triplet then that wont fix endgame melee and im 100% sure buff on skills wont be that high for sure maybe 20% increaed dmg at all ahahha
shahdid wrote:
Occultist nerf AND Energy shield from tree nerf? Seriously? -.-

You didn't really want to play Occu anyways, you just didn't know it... GGG knew it, they'd like to introduce you to a "new and exciting" skill.. Like Blade Flurry, or Blade Vortex, which has somehow managed to avoid nerfs (while being CC Meta) since breech.
Interesting read
I like the amount of salt these produced :D

Also, looking forward to playing Slayer with cycling and bow
It's very simple - there are 10 max 15 people of 500-1000, that agree with the changes, im not at all surprised if they are part of the somewhat dev team, or friends with them , at least online, the rest, meaning like everyone, who plays the game ofc, says that this is a nerf patch, not improvement, everything is terrible, there even 1 dude with a lot of supporter packs bought along the time, laughting at what i said, just cause i joined game in feb this year, althouth ive leveled up in 3 monthts 1 char to lvl 100, he has 15-20 none are over 95, he doesnt even have chalenges+achievements in total more than me....i love these people.

TBH - how do u feel that u conciously lie in front of us all when u say the changes are good. just dont say anything will save u a lot of bad one likes theese changes...period. they are not improvements to the game.

Sadly US, WE, THE PLAYERS, and mostly SUPPORTERS $$$ of this game, have no power of word here, our vooice is not heard...if it were, then any animation in game of my char would be cancelable with any other action (its 2020)...start from there...up to not destroying existing skills so that new weak ones seem good.
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I hope minions and spectres not nerfed? Hope so...
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Honestly, being mostly a league player, I don't really worry about these nerfs. Only one or two things seems weird and unfinished tho...

First one, they removed the proliferation from Elementalist, without adding a compensation yet, so the ascendancy seems to be in an unfinished state for the whole next league.
Second one, they reworked and buffed melee mechanics but didn't even touched the bleed (or poison to a lesser extent) part of it. I think it would have been done too in order to preserve the "builds diversity", ok considering most of people will now play melee.

However there are also really goods things ! The change to Blood Magic for exemple, now the keystone becomes more valuable for a bunch of builds (Determination as aura, War Banner for free being a champion, vulnerability/blasphemy with Impresence ? Just an exemple of a way of stacking some auras with BM).
Then the change to melee skill gems, now having a base flat damage, brings them more closer to spells in term of scaling. I really love that because it was the main problem of physical melee compared to how easy it is to scale a spell even with trash gear. Now just wait one more day to see the numbers !
Talking about defensive layers, ok I don't really understand the nerf to ES, but I put my hopes in those three new/reworked mitigation gems, even usable by spellcasters. Basically IC is the jugg new shield, Molten Shell for high armour chars and Ironside for all the others.
Anyway, I don't use to cry and it won't change, and since it's has been a very long time I didn't played a melee build, I pretty enjoy the opportunity to try it out right now !
We've completely changed Mortal Conviction, the notable behind Blood Magic. It is now a keystone that restricts you to only one non-banner Aura skill, but removes the reservation cost. The mana cost of Herald skills and other specialised reservation skills will need to be paid with life in full.

It would be very, very cool to see a change applied to Gruthkul's pelt that would allow this to be utilized.
I see the spell nerf, but I don't see the melee buff that much. Except the free aura from blood magic, really love that one :D
Schmockla wrote:
(its 2020)...start from there...up to not destroying existing skills so that new weak ones seem good.


and for future :

passive before 30% increased damage
passive after 15% increased dmg 12% increased attack speed 10% increased aoe 6% reduction dmg (THATS NOT BUFF thats only do mess arround )

this should looks like Passive after 60% increased dmg "this is buff"

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