[3.12] Berserker Cyclone RT Axe Impale Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly

Loregar wrote:
Weeeeell.... Sirus kicked my butt. Didn't even understand half of the mechanics and everything basically one-shot me. Very difficult to learn such a complex fight if you only have six chances :/
Ahah, you'll indeed have to learn his patterns a bit to do anything there. Like a few bosses that are actually real bosses :p.

Don't hesitate to check that in a video or else if you wish. I know some great videos are made to explain some bosses mechanics. It helped me in the past for a boss like Al-Hezmin. His poison was destroying me the first time i fought him. And when you're in the action it's not always easy to see everything properly.
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Awesome build i had to respec my maruder cause i was doing a blind playthrough got through the game but endgame kicked my ass Still getting my ass kicked but i have been able to clear a couple tier 1 maps with your build Poe is brutal but it is fun.Thanks for posting it.Hopefully ill be able to get the right equipment to fully utilize it got allot of stuff i gotta get.
genrukin wrote:
... [see above]
Welcome to PoE o/. And sure the game can be quite brutal. Especially when you start it blindly and you don't know you'll have to fully cap your resists, get a decent amount of hp and/or energy shield, etc. I'm sure you'll be fine quickly enough. Don't forget to craft in your hideout, it can help for the resists to begin with if you still lack some and you've some free suffixes on items. Though trading can be way cheaper than crafting if you're not playing in SSF (Solo Self-Found).
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I am currently playing this build on ssf. It feels good.
I don't know why you suggest a "Fleshripper" base for a rare main weapon though. I guess Vaal Axe is a better option since we are Resolute Technique anyways... right?
Newthezone wrote:
... [see above]
A Fleshripper? Where? You must be confused having read several threads eventually, but there's no fleshripper recommended in this build nor any other base in fact.
Back when i did this build and my character using it, i indeed used Vaal Axe as a base for crafting. Karui Chopper has a slightly higher base dps but lower APS (Attack Per Second) so Vaal Axe here is still better.
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Oh... ok. I may have saved another PoB - I'm not sure. Either way the PoB lists a rare Fleshripper as an alternative weapon to Kaom's Primacy / Kitava's Feast. Thanks for your reply. I'm going to craft a Vaal Axe right now :)
Newthezone wrote:
... [see above]
Oh okay, yeah i'm often putting random trash as gear in PoB to get the lowest or close to lowest estimate possible so i know if i get some good numbers that i'll be fine no matter what.
This belt is impossible to obtain? wtf is this
also, how you can have atack rate at 11 ? im not eaven close and i only miss belt
Disrepo wrote:
... [see above]
It's indicated both in the skill name and on the belt itself. Before the fork of PoB, impale wasn't included so i had to put a multiplier somewhere, it was on the belt. Only a 60% more damage related to the potential average while clearing, otherwise it's 105% more (5 * 10 * (1 + (59 + 30 + 21)/100)) on bosses.

Since you're in PoB, it should be easy to see how this attack rate is obtained.

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