[3.12] Berserker Cyclone RT Axe Impale Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly

Hello ! Love your build bro !

Is this build viable in Endgame ? Im not this kind of player who loves reroll, i just wanna clear the game with 1 Build.

Why Berserker instead of Champion ?

... [see above]
Hey, glad you like it.
It sure is. Very good defense & DPS even with bad gear (well you still need a 6l, like a tabula at first, easily farmable).

And Berserker over Champion, simply because damages-wise the Berserker is above. The Impale node of the Champion may seem interesting but it's nowhere near what the Berserker can offer with the triple Rage effect and the 40% more damages.
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Hey this will sound really stupid but where is the actual ppb link to just copy paste? Is it from the website part? Im not seeing the url of it...
mmcnaughton4 wrote:
... [see above]
The one indicated like this in the guide ^^ :
Path of Building link (only Impale left to be implemented, and Pride fixed; "Notes" tab contain the gems setup and some other stuff)
Hi, if I want little bit a different build (crit 2h axe) and not to take Pain Reaver - how we gain mana? After i switched to cyclone (~30 level) i had huge mana problems, so my first accedancy was Pain Reaver (i will change it later I hope).
Its on the gloves, some curse? Or how we solve this? Ty.

btw I want to go Flawles Savagery, 2x Rage nodes and lastly Aspect of Carnage.
vildsix wrote:
... [see above]
Hi. I think the easiest way to get mana leech outside of the Mana & Life Leech node on the tree (bottom right, duelist area) if it's on your way, is to roll a phys dmg leeched as mana affix on a Jewel. You can also roll that on an item (weapon, amulet, ring, gloves...). 0.4% is already enough (at least when you start getting real damages, maybe not while leveling).
In the meantime, just spam your mana flask i guess :p. That's a reason why i waited a bit before switching to cyclone during my leveling (along with my weapon being too bad).

And yh sounds good. Flawless Savagery is nice for a crit build. And since you said "i hope", you'll be able to, cf. wiki :
Refunding one Ascendancy skill point requires five regular refund points. When all points are refunded, use the Altar of Ascendancy in the Labyrinth treasure room in any difficulty to select a new Ascendancy class.
Ty, what I meant by that was, that I hope I will find another way how to leech mana/life.

For changing passives on the ascendancy tree we dont need to run labyrinth. (only if we want change the ascendancy).
Hi gentlemen, tell me i play a build looking a lot like this one,
i use kitava's feast as a weapon, i want to use atziri's disfavour next,
but i dont know how i can deal with the porcupines without explosing them : i get rekt everytime. Can't figure out how to deal with them after Cwdt / immortal call changes. Any ideas ? Thanks
daedrik18 wrote:
... [see above]
Activating any Guard skill should do the trick. If not, you'll have to slow down on porcupines packs i guess :p. I'm not yet in red tier maps, taking it a bit slower than usual to build my maps pool (SSF), so i don't have this problem yet. For the few porcupines packs i saw, using Molten Shell worked fine.

You can also just put the totems while staying in the distance.
Edit : Seems like Granite flask is doing the job with Molten Shell in CwDT.
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Thanks for the guide!

I usually do my own builds, but I don't have the time to learn all the new stuff at the moment, so I've decided to roll your build on standard SSF. Will update with how it is going in the next days, when I manage to hit a decent level.
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