[3.12] Berserker Cyclone RT Axe Impale Full Physical - Cheap, SSF friendly

Harest wrote:
Edit : I forgot one important thing which is also part of the Punishment issue, you get the buff from melee hits only.

Oh, you are right. I misunderstood the buff proc when reading it. After running Vuln for a bit (lower maps), I just decided to swap to Enfeeble for testing. This build doesn't seem to need the damage added from the curse once you get a decent weapon.

In other news, I fiddled with the tree a bit (character link and PoE Planner link). The main changes are that I replaced Devotion with Soul of Steel (saves 2 points), and I was able to eek out one more skill point with path optimization, and I switched to Oak (RIP 20 regrets).
It is worth noting, this path causes you to pick up 10 Dex instead of 10 Int. The reason for the switch is that Oak's buff is more efficient than the .8% Life Regen node and Damage + Fortify effect nodes combined. Taking that regen node always seemed gross to me.

Also, I followed your change of automating Molten Shell, as it just makes more sense.
Kosmicosis wrote:
... [see above]
Yep, our damages are quite good already. You may need a very good stuff for a 5 emblems fight for sure, but otherwise i think all the content is doable without anything crazy. Finally did my first t16s this league and i was surprised how fast the shaper's guardians life depleted. I'll try to record 1 or 2 videos at some point (a t16, and another t14/t15 to see the clearspeed) but i've pretty shit fps.

Currently i've both Devotion and Soul of Steel (SoSteel v2 tree in PoB). You gain indeed 1 point if you don't go Devotion with the node in the middle of the 3 paths (up right down).
Not a bad idea yeah to choose Oak. I always kill all for the skill points to be more versatile but that may be a good idea. I never took that regen node, it was Sanctity earlier but we scrapped that, new AoE nodes are better.

For Molten Shell, it's more personal, you may prefer to cast it yourself. I ended up never casting it almost so it's better placed in the CwDT setup.

Edit : Just recorded 2 t16s, a shaper's guardian and elder vault as zana mission, i'll cut with Avidemux and put them in the build.
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Harest wrote:
SwiftyX wrote:
... [see above]

that might be it, might be just me noobing around as im still new to all this hehe, another question .. i took my ascendency but it hides some of the passive skills you have in the build, how can i pick these passives now ? .. can i "hide" the ascendency or am i just facked ? ..
its not many i just didnt notice before picking it .. hehe

hope you can help,

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SwiftyX wrote:
... [see above]
From the bottom left of the ascandancy round UI, you can press a little arrow to hide it.
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Hey Harest
One more question - I don't understand how to do max rage count on the endgame bosses
15 sec too much I guess
Just an idea for those not running SSF (or those who get lucky vaaling):

I added enfeeble curse on hit vaal'd gloves for very cheap (1c) and it takes away the worry of constantly casting your curse, blasphemy (which this build has no room for anyway) or linking it to cwdt setup. It is very easy to get the right colors with the abundance of vaal orbs this league.

This allowed me to link cwdt (12) to molten shell (16), lightning golem (14), and blood rage (15). I'll attempt to take these higher to see if I like how constantly they proc for me.

I also dropped enduring cry in exchange for endurance charge on melee stun and added it to leap slam as my preferred method to generate charges.

If you can't tell by now, I'm a very lazy player who wants to essentially spam 'q' and right click for the majority of a map XD

So far very happy with the build and can't wait to see how it carries into endgame material!
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slowhands wrote:
Hey Harest
One more question - I don't understand how to do max rage count on the endgame bosses
15 sec too much I guess
On endgame bosses, you probably don't want Pulverise and can swap for Rage for the exact issue you mentioned, or Melee Phys Dmg for more instant damages (cf. what i indicated in the gems setup). I'd need to check what exactly is the best in PoB etc for this situation. I assume Rage might be better overall but it's a bit hard to guess and change from boss to boss. Something like the Uber Elder, you'll keep attacking for a while so the ramp up isn't too bad.
Teerick wrote:
... [see above]
Good idea for the vaal implicit on gloves, i'll add that as a possibility in the gear section.
I'd not put Blood Rage in my CwDT but that's personal. And if as you said you don't want to worry about it, that's great for you :p. Another possibility here would be Phase Run (need to be the last socket though so bottom left in a 4l). With or without Increase Duration (i wouldn't have the place for this gem i think in total since i want to now use Blood and Stone also as aura, too big; btw Elreon plz, drop your f****g rings/amu, i want my -x total cost of skills ffs).

For the Endurance charge on melee stun i need to try it again. For some reasons, despite it's supposed to always stun on full life, it rarely produced charges when i tried :/. But i think i don't have the place anymore anyway once i'll have the correct setup (atm Hezmana's Bloodlust saves me) because Blood and Stone cost 2 gems slot with an obligatory Enlighten. And i enjoy more to move fast rather than leap slamming. Devoto's Devotion, come to me ty.
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Just posting one last update here. Got the build up to t16 maps using a Synvicta's Mettle, which isn't anything special. Still managed to kill all guardians really easily, and would certainly be able to do the same to Shaper.

I ended up respeccing into staff crit cyclone cause I had a Hegemony's Era and managed to 6-link it in under 50 fuses. In any case, your build helped me a lot up to this point (and I still used it as base for my own staff version). So thanks :D
Chris Wilson took my soul
DanutMS wrote:
... [see above]

Glad to hear it, have fun o/.
I also got a Sinvicta's Mettle. I saw this weapon for the first time on ZiggyD stream i think a few days ago. I put it in the secondary weapon slot. And i crafted for the first time with multi-modding, a 2h axe obviously. Yes that's a t3 hybrid as a start, i may retry if i get a 6th exalt (cost 3ex 1divine and a few chaos) to get a higher tier hybrid but that's already good enough, especially in SSF. Cf. PoeCraft, a t3 hybrid is already a 1 in 541 chance, t2 is 1/1081 and t1 = 1/2162.

Still need to 6l it, but so far 600+ fus and nope.
At this point anyway, cyclone alone can destroy all the bosses without much difficulty. Totems are the icing on the cake. With that axe i'm at 2m+ shaper dps counting totems dps. Cyclone "alone" still with the buffs of the totems is above 1m (and in fact, it's still true without the totems if we take into account our impale). So yeah, pretty op.
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So I replaced my belt with Soul Tether, and it seems to be a decent choice.
Overleech on a Berserker
Corruption can make it godly

No resists (unless you have res all corruption)
Slightly less total HP
Not a stygian vise ;)


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