Trivial's PoE Crafting Service (Heist SC Crafting Service 3.12)

One of the two people that I trust to craft my stuff since Synthesis, the other one is my guild leader.

Thanks for doing this.

pogchamp services
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just had the pleasure to get help from this standout person - the whole thing took no more than 2 minutes from the initial whisper to the end. He helped me craft -mana cost on 2 rings.

Can recommend, will come back, wish him the best of luck
help with craft
Awesome service!

Always a plasure!
fast and easy
As always, amazing service! fast, reliable, available and cordial.

Thank you very much!
Got recommended by a streamer. Couldn't be more happy :)
Recommended to me through a friend - handled an expensive craft with excellent service.

I'll highly recommend to you others also. Thanks again!
Thanks a ton, helped me craft a sick ring. Fast, simple, tips and no front up cost!
Dominating Blow, albeit a tad clunky, is the most fun I've had in PoE.

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