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Would like to join :)
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I would like an invite to the guild. I should be in the discord already from the the current league start.

IGN: ColdShoulderSpinnyBoi
Discord: bigbluu722#1792
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Sent and bumped!!
IGN: CosmicKitti
Discord: cosmickitty#4962
IGN - Dresbain
Hi, I would love to be able to join :)

IGN: HoodieBee

Speak/play soon!
Probably my third full league playing (Harbinger (I was too noob to finish the less than 10 acts at the time), Betrayal, Synthesis, and now Metamorph).

I have killed Shaper, but I still have not killed Uber Elder. I would like to change that. I'd want to learn more from other people because I've felt like I've learned as much as I could on my own.

IGN: Astraeus_MetaSummoner

Thanks for the consideration.
looking for an active guild to join. temp only player.

ign: faxholm or faxloveswo

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IGN Karamaw would love an invite :)
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invite please

thanks :)

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