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I would like to join.

Age: 38

Panama city

How often do you play?:
4-6h a day - even more at the beginning of the league. I usually play until the last week of league.

What do you expect from this guild?:
Have fun with other members and learn from them as well. Map and laugh with friends, best medicine!

Hello there, I would like to join your guild.

I'm from Poland
Age: 20
I play this game 2-4hrs a day (Might be playing more if I get to play with others, solo farming is quite boring).
I have Discord so I'll be able to talk in VC.
I'm friendly guy and I hope I'll be able to play with you guys.

IGN: Crashow
Would also be interested in doing some group mapping!
Been playing since Domination League.
Play pretty heavily and consistently..
Ign: PinkTacos
IGN: LacerateOPPO
Highest level: 90
Played since 2017
Hello, I would like to join a guild before the start of the new league.

Kinda newish and would like to progress with a squad at the new league start.

I have discord and play pretty much every day.

IGN: Merkizar
highest level: 91
Age: 27
Location: South Africa
all invitations where sent!!
I would like to join please.

IGN: ZoomBam
Location: AUS
Highest level: 96

Been on Standard mostly but just started playing league again.
On 15-20 hours / week.
IGN: PiawTotem
Location: Malaysia (Singapore realm)
Highest Lv: 96 - 37/40

Currently on hiatus waiting for new league thou...
played on garena for few months.. and just joined back on mid 3.09 league..
Usually plays after back from home until sleeps..
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IGN: EssenceTipp
Location: USA (California)
Highest Lv: 94

hey, is there a spot available?

I play standard atm, looking forward for the next League and I am a daily player.

IGN @EssenceTipp
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ign: wwspinww
location: US pacific time
highest lvl: 95, 89 currently this league just started

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