in 3.7 this skill had no place - Cyclone was like 3 times better

with 3.8 Cyclone 'adjustment' the gap is smaller. it still exists and for a performance-minded player Bladestorm is a no-go because Cyclone does everything better


1) the skill is nice IN THEORY. in practice two modes do not really differ enough to warrant frequent changes. sure, Flesh&Stone and Blood&Sand do their job and Bladestorm is supposed to go along with these two. still.. the differences are miniscule and in typical gameplay (up to t16+) it doesnt really matter (without enchants that is)

2) visuals are.. bad? sorry but 'sand' effect is very low quality and there are tilesets where it is hardly visible. for a skill that rewards positioning (and it does reward it) you cannot f.. see what is going on. 2/10

3) enchants. Bladestorm is yet another skill on the growing list of 'get an enchant or play something else' skills. This time there are actually TWO good enchants. +1 Storm one is a direct MORE damage multiplier (100 + 3*50 vs 100 + 4*50). bland, boring. second one - storm movement speed is actually pretty nuts for clear and this one actually makes difference between Sand and Blood mode much more important

sadly, both enchants are rare, people roll over them (melee, pff..) and getting mine took me a while:

4) sad to see it work with swords. any skill that works with swords promotes degenerative behaviour: Jewelled foils only. there are so many bases that hardly ever see any use and this is yet another skill where there is only one correct option. fix the idiotic foil situation already, it is no longer funny

5) sound.. annoying after some time. 3/10

6) interaction with Impale and Bleed and duration and aoe is top notch. it reminds me of old Ball Lightning or Storm Burst when simply stacking more damage multipliers was the dumb way and the real damage was in knockback, duration, aoe etc.

with a 300pdps sword/shield setup my tooltip is 'below zero' (35k? or something) while guardians die pretty quickly. this skill has VERY misleading tooltip and even more misleading POB tooltip

final verdict: give it a try but dont expect to beat cyclone. skill better suited for tanky/slower characters (delves are a breeze) rather than <1min map clears. sadly melee time is over with 3.7 being Cyclone league, not many gave it a shot
Just came back to game after several months of break and find this skill. I love it! Now im playing with it but next league i will make something with Onii-Goroshi and this skill.
Haven't played poe in a while, but came back to try new gems.

I really like this skill gem. I like how it creates a persistent effect that can trigger melee support like Fortify.

Right now I use it to keep fortify up while I use another melee attack to damage.
I cannot cancel Bladestorm with Leap Slam during Multistrike, but I can walk cancel it. Is this how its suposed to work or a bug?
Faustdath wrote:
I cannot cancel Bladestorm with Leap Slam during Multistrike, but I can walk cancel it. Is this how its suposed to work or a bug?

Its not a bug. Leap Slam is a SKILL movement is not. So cancel skill with move and then leap.
Hi, I wish to have a cosmetic for Bladestorm, a much better effect, for example Lacerate's cosmatic, it looks way better than the default one.
In love Hardcore solo self-found mode
Bladestorm's blood stance attack speed effect is only applying to Bladestorm itself and not other attack skills (e.g. Perforate). Is this intended? I can't find anything in the patchnotes about this.

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