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Last bumped on Jun 25, 2020, 7:17:55 PM
Great skill, altho it is sorta unique in the sense I don't think there's a single support to go with it :O I guess rage with attacks but that wouldn't be linked to this :O
Last edited by GhettoJesus on Jun 11, 2019, 2:42:43 PM
This skill is a boss obliterater!
This skill has the Duration tag. Why doesn't it/why not make it benefit from Increased Duration Support?
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Berserk as a skill is worth it only in ONE setup: Berserker's Rage path + Rage Support + Kaom's Primacy + heavy crit route

all 3 sources of Rage can stack (aka you get 3 rage points per hit if it crits)

if you do that, you can semi-reliably keep Berserk for several seconds in dense maps as for 4-5 seconds youll outgenerate Rage degen. after like 8-9 seconds the Rage degen becomes unsustainable.

then you start your 5 second cooldown (that can be brought down to ~4seconds) during which you should be able to reach 20+ rage and start the cycle again

there are however few issues with that:

Kaom's Primacy is ~400 pdps 2hander with 1.15(!) aspd. AKA - thrash. you NEED rage attack speed bonus to even want to touch this weapon at all. it is too slow, too weak and the +50% phys as fire is non-synergistic whatsoever (as in - you want a fire skill and if you go fire you need Chieftain AKA no-crit class.. weird)
The weapon is hopeleslly outdated yet it is mandatory for this setup

you want to hit as often as possible - Cyclone or bust. skills like Sunder (with attack speed penalty..) are garbage. Ive leveled to 89 during last 2 days using this very setup and I already know that 'never again'. Sunder is preeetty bad in endgame btw, avoid

There is such thing as 'too much attack speed'. I literally lost controll of my character with Blitz and Rage paths - i had to respec out of Blitz to maintain resemblance of normal gameplay. Berserk and its aspd multipier coupled with all other aspd multipliers is a terrible design

long story short. you can use it while mapping with above 50% uptime if you opt to play ONE setup.

other than that - i suggest AGAINST using it. Berserker builds are night and day with and without 50 rage stacks. if you happen to NOT kill before rage runs out you are left with limped character: slow and weak. not worth it.

Last edited by sidtherat on Dec 8, 2019, 9:17:54 AM
Since 3.9 this skill is worthless in general.

If you have a build that able to finish an endgame boss fight during berserking duration - the build probably doesn't need berserk. Nice mirror-tier gear btw.
If you using only one source of rage - you better keep those 50 stacks.

As for currently available rage generation rate and berking rage consumption speed the "build-gear-encounter" graph has a very small frame where using Berserk feels satisfying.
Berserk cannot be used with Second Wind? Doesnt really make sense why not? Given that the desciption of Second Wind is that the ability just needs to have a cooldown and not be triggered...

So ye. Thats about it.

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