We Are Freaks Of The Skull!

We Are Freaks Of The Skull Gaming Community, You Either Unit Or You Shall Fall, We Bring Chaos And Darkness,We Play Together United,We Play To Have Fun And To Rain Down Chaos On The Way! We ARE FREAKS OF THE SKULL! Heres our discord invite! https://discord.gg/2pbFS2B
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Last bumped on Aug 21, 2020, 11:01:38 PM
Bump Great Community getting pretty active!
Hey i'd Love to join!

Play on the London gateway, started this league but already got the gist of it all.

Tell me what i need to do to join please. Cheers
We are back! Just join the discord servers to hangout with us!
We are Retro Fear Gaming! We bring fear into gaming so come and join us!
Bump from Retro Fear Gaming! We are doing great for a small community starting out! So Come and Join Us!
Bump We are getting there and well pretty set up so far!
Lets make this one of the top tier gaming communities in 2020!
RFG is growing more and more and soon its our full launch for RFG! With loads of events,giveaways,new friendships and many more!
Full Launch Date is 23rd so come and join us and prepare for the best community day of full launch for our special events and celebration of RFG!

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