We Are Freaks Of The Skull!

So far since launch we been doing pretty good events are now up and running so lets get this party started!
We are always looking for more people to hangout and enjoy the gaming paradise!
So far alot of people are enjoying the events we made for the first two weeks! More to come so come and join RFG Today! Cause we choose you with a poke ball!
Hey I'm pretty new started with this league but already did tons of research and got the hang of the game!

I play from the Singapore gateway.

Please let me know the requirements!


IGN: WesterVespertine
You cannot predict what you cannot see coming.
We are back! Serenity, Eternal Souls! Come and join us! https://discord.gg/XKzwmEQ
Another new discord link! Sorry ours wasnt set to non expire! https://discord.gg/8v3QADC
New Discord invite! https://discord.gg/2pbFS2B

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