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Yesterday, we deployed Patch 3.7.1c on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 which contained many hotfixes from the PC realm since Legion began. You can find the full patch notes here and here. We are preparing more updates for console and want to keep you updated in the meantime.

Patch 3.7.1c appears to have resolved many issues but introduced a bug where characters can sometimes get stuck. To resolve this, simply press 'L2' on PlayStation 4 or 'LT' on Xbox One. We are currently investigating this problem so that we can deploy a fix for it as soon as possible.

As we mentioned in the patch notes yesterday, we were hoping to deploy a fix for this today but after further testing we will need more time to implement it properly. Our apologies!

In general, we are working on investigating general stability issues and crashes for the console realms but we require more information from the community to help reliably reproduce these errors internally. If you are experiencing a crash of any kind, please report it here and include what you were doing before the crash, any error messages and your character name.

We are working quickly to bring another patch to the console realms very soon! Thank you so much for your patience and reports.
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RIP another league bois
So we're the testers and have to report our findings to you to fix.. this was/is something that game testers generally get paid to do.
I shouldn't have to say this but sometimes the most influential people lack common sense. Whatever you guys are doing to "test" these patches obviously isn't cutting it. Someone higher up needs to man up and change the game plan. If that requires updates pre release and two days of testing on the live server before its available to the community then do it. Make a ptr. Make something.

How many incompetant patches in a row is this. Its getting pathetic. We're all losing our patience. The xbox team should be scrapped for their inability to adapt and be creative with fixes. Theres absolutely no reason for this. Get it together. Don't just talk about fixes. DO IT.
binoculars wrote:
So we're the testers and have to report our findings to you to fix.. this was/is something that game testers generally get paid to do.

Jeff knows this, many people have brought this to their attention bit they're too cheap to change up the program and change things so they can be tested in a live environment. This is serious inability to perform. Its gettin really old. Do your jobs.
This is honestly why I just couldn't continue on console. I played delve on xbox and there were some aspects of controller gameplay that I enjoyed. But the game feels like PoE 2 years ago, there is so much quality of life missing and everything is so behind the PC version that it doesn't feel great.

Although I'll admit, it's a surprise to see an actual post for the console versions, its extremely rare.
How helpful is doing the Report A Problem option when a crash happens on PS4? I’ve been doing that for the crashes I’ve had in Legion so far; I haven’t had one since the new patch, and wanted to see if it’s helpful.
Thanks for the update. I hope you've also been able to reproduce the problem whereby abilities fire off when opening chests now. This is new to 3.7.1c and is a rather irksome source of frustration during combat when you're trying to quickly loot on consoles. Whatever you guys did with the ability queue system, it made it worse, not better.
If you want to reproduce these problems, it's easy, just play your game for any period of time.

You should have multiple of each platform, run the game on each available server.. I mean, come on..
My buddy and I also run into a weird issue where we can only pick up one item, then have to move before picking up another on Xbox

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