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Hello everyone!

I am Navandis, the bro behind Navandis Gaming YouTube channel.

I am dedicated to creating detailed tutorials for new or less experienced players that want to improve their PoE knowledge or easy to follow build guides. Even veterans might find a thing or two they weren't aware of or the next fun build to try out!

Be it build guides, explaining certain game mechanics or simply tips & tricks, I'm focused on publishing only high-quality, detailed content. No fluff, no clickbaits, no inflated DPS numbers.

I'm not just showing you how, I'm also revealing the "why?" behind each choice made for every build.

Here are just a few of my viewers' comments:

>> Still not convinced? Then drop by and have a look for yourself (click on images to go straight to the video!):


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All build guides come with a very detailed Path of Building guide material containing act-by-act passive trees, example gear, gems and links, and a highly detailed "Notes" section for stats priorities and Trade links for each gear slot (filters included). That by itself could be a standalone written guide 😁


Thanks for dropping by! Enjoy!
Build Guides and Beginner Tips YouTube Channel:
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Your video guides are very clear and provide a lot of in depth information; If anything I would suggest to open a thread for each build so followers could share their experience with the build as well as equipment, tips and suggestions. Keep up the good work!
Thank you! That is definitely something that I have rather high on my to-do list but unfortunately I'm really strapped for time lately. And if I'm to sit down and create a build thread, I want to do it properly, not just half-assing it.

In the meantime, I'm doing my best to answer YT comments and be as involved as possible in our Discord community.
Build Guides and Beginner Tips YouTube Channel:
Thanks for your content.
I've built your ZombieMancer 2.0 in 3.9 and its been great!
Leveling was easy, its strong in the end game, though time to kill is much longer than other builds.

I have tweaked it slightly for my personal preference - no shield charge to proc Fortify, instead I threw in a CWDT/Immortal call setup and just phase run/flask for movement. I did this when I got the Kingmaker Axe on my Animated Guardian, as I did die a few times shield charging off into near-off screen pack, away from my posse and dying in the split second before getting convocation up, usually on EE maps.
With Fortify from Guardian and Phase/Flask speed movement this is far less common though I have removed EE node as I now have no way to proc ele damage. I have a gem slot free and currently playing with Vaal Molten Shell in it, but could switch out for a 2nd movement skill like flame dash.

For others looking at this build, its been moderately expensive and items are in demand as Summoners are very popular but you can just add as you get currency starting with The Baron.
6L Geoffri's Sanctuary 4-8ex,
3 x Efficient training circa 120c-1 exa each,
Baron 50c+,
Whakatutuki o Matua 1 exa,
Shapers Touch 30C,
Alberon Warpath 50C,
Kingmaker Axe 1exa
and gems/amulet/belt up to reach 1000 str and cap resists probably 1exa
Jewels - minion abilities, resists and life probably 30-60C
Upmost Might Anointment Oil - I think the crimson was 15C at the time.

Anyway its the most defensive build I've made and survivability is so good. I wanted to make note of the features of the built as I have it, in case others were looking at your Zombiemancer 2.0.


6 Zombies doing 1.1MM+ damage per second between them, so ok but not the reason to go for this build, other builds are better for pure damage.
The support team
Carnage Chieftain 30k dps but there for frenzy charges for zombies.
Undying Evangelist 25k DPS but in team for proximity protection bubble.. though bubble seems unnecessary now, its fun.
Reanimator 5K dps but in team for enfeeble curse, mini-zombies are just a bonus
Animated Guardian Buffing team with: Fortify, Culling Strike, Crit Strike chance, Rarity, Movement Speed, 18% Damage, buffing self with 2% life regen if hit, and endurance charge if hit with Crit Strike, share endurance charges.
Carrion Golem 25k dps + Feeding Frenzy - bonus speed and damage to all minions
Skitterbots Chill and Shock, minion movement speed

* 6 Zombies, 3 mini Zombies (from Reanimator) as meat shiell, with blind and taunt % from jewels.
Occasional Proximity shield to stand under - preventing all damage from outside its area.
* 1-2 curses - Enfeeble (from Reanimator) and occasional temp chains (on Animated Guardian corrupted gloves - Vixen's Entrapment/ you can apply an additional curse), Less likely to hit, less damage, and slower move/attacks.
* Block 39% with Rumi's Flask which also to give huge life regen boost to minions on block - from Shield.
* ES Buff with spirit offering, and Convocation for extra Life Regen on Minions
Immortal Call/ CWDT, phys and elemental damage reduction
Bone Offering, extra defence against 2200 phys damage
* Vaal Molten Shell 9 Sec for Boss/Metamorph/ big pack - a little extra armor/ phys damage reduction, but does damage - taken damage x1000-3000 reflected back to mobs - kill quicker. Only offensive gem on Character and its a defensive gem in nature.
* Physical reduction up to 46% with all flasks up
* Occasional extra damage reduction if Animated Guardian gets and shares an endurance charge (Ambu's Charge - gain endurance charge if taken a crit strike/ share with nearby party members).. but everything killed quickly so its uncommon.
OK movement - Phase Run or QuickSilver Flask with no Curse effect +20 speed base (with Victario's Flight Animated Guardian, then Phase Run or Quick Silver Flask) then up to +50s
Fortify (kingmaker Ax, animated guardian)
5500 Life + 5200 ES buffed with Spirit Offering
Fire Resist +1

4% chance minions to Blind - 50% evasion, less damage if hit
5% chance minions to taunt - mob won't attack me, only minion
Added Leech Life 0.36% to minions, though life pools and regen along with defences are so high its unlikely to be needed

I have never seen Spectre's or Animated Guardian die on this Character.
A couple of Zombies died in tough T16 Metamorph fight.. but I don't know the mods it had though - maybe life regen shield and shield regen?

** If I get Level 21 Raise Spectre Gem.. will add 4th Spectre - likely ele damage ranged attack Spectre, Frost Sentinel etc. or perhaps a 2nd Carnage Chieftain.
There is lots of flexibility to build some personal flavor into this build with your own preference for Raised Spectres and the gear on your Animated Guardian, though the KingMaker Axe is a must have and made the whole build smoother.

I'll do more tweaking/get better rings/amulet/belt/jewels as I go forward. The Char can and does still die but that's because I am a bad player and don't know mechanics of high level bosses, so do dumb stuff.

Great build!
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