Server: Any EU or Moscow
In-Game Name: @turdtwisterx

[Please make sure you are on any EU or Moscow server before contacting me]


What if I want to do a 5way but I only have 4 slots in my map device? No problem, we will go from my hideout and you will have all the time you need afterwards to loot, after you are done simply leave the party, and now you will have the 5th slot aswell if it is your first time!

How to reset the waves? Step into the circle and wait for the purple effect rises from the floor, then go out of the circle, and INSTANTLY back in, repeat until done!

If there's a aurabot in the party, simply stand close to him (not inside the circle) and watch us do everything!

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Last bumped on Dec 3, 2020, 6:32:40 PM
You carried me through 5 emblem battle. Free service, 5 lines of loot. I'm really happy.
He did yesterday a 5 man carry. Forgot i had 4 zana instead of 5 and he had no problem running from his HO. For me was also first time being carried and he nicely explained what i had to do.
He did 15 sets with me, hits 5 rows at about 2 minuts mark, explains how to do everything, perfect carry.
Good guy, very easy. Nice run!
Can recommend 10/10
Even tho my game crashed during the fight he managed to unlock the maximum, cleaned up the waves within seconds.
I got 3 timeless jewels and a ton of loot.
Added for future runs, as long as youre offering them (:
Good carry. I recommend
Good service
Good service

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