Just used his service again. From Legion league to Delirium league, truly the one and only:
- 5-way carry champion
- 5-lines-of-loot maniac
- 5-bazillion-level-100-characters mad lad
- Die-hard lover of porn stars
- Easiest to talk service-guy
- Walks out right away after the loot comes out, like my father did when I came out
- Learned about Alexis Texas

If you guys are not convinced yet, let me tell you this, its FREE! Yep for a cheap price of $0.00, you can have the opportunity to go in and out of a hole for 5 mins without paying.
Last edited by jmsmadrigal on May 22, 2020, 3:23:59 PM
great service, very fast
insane carry definetely one of the best out there
thanks again insane carry recommend this person for 5 ways <3
Thanks for the carry. Legit 5 ways, told what to do and left all loot to myself. Got 5 rows <3
He just done it for me. Very nice, no problems at all.

All my loot, sadly he was gone before i could tip him. Thx again mate
great dude ty for the carry

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