🌟[3.11 Harvest HSC] Huy Services: Bosses / Seed + Bench Crafts / Splits / Anything🌟

Fast, friendly, would recommend.
wasn't feeling well i saw Huy starting his stream and though "Hmm it might be my lucky day to run an emblem after all those hours in glacier" i message huy placing my order for 1 run we went over 10 row broke GGG UI and immediately the system crash and gave me 3 EX from the run FeelsGoodMan Clap
good guy , good services , just do a 5way nice and easy
+1 Crafting service fast and easy.
Second time using, great service. Won't be disappointed.
pouring down his face and his manhood hanging proud. My belt had now gained Armour and Energy shield. Truely masterful crafter with an endowment to be envied by the gods.My breath was short, I was wounded laying at the foot of the steps to Sarn. A figure in the distance was closing in, what was that? An invasion boss? Couldn't be... not out here, I'm not out of the campaign yet... Leaping in gallantly was a monster of a man, intimidating to the eye but something about his face.
got a 6 link craft 100% legit and free
Crafted on my ~6ex wand, very fast and reliable

Steered me clear of the vorici recipe and cheered me on while I fused, will use other times also.
Really nice guy, did multiple 3blue crafts for me, would reccomend

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