🌟[3.11 Harvest HSC] Huy Services: Bosses / Seed + Bench Crafts / Splits / Anything🌟

Fast and easy service.

He did 5-way legion carry and got more than 5 rows of loot. I profitted with 1 exalt

Best part is the chill music on his stream.

10/10 will use again.
Bought a 5-legion run today. I dc'd twice coz of client reasons but he still got me the 5 row cap with loots and all. Can recommend!
trusted since rampage <3
Really Good service , fast and friendly .
really Love his SRS build in harbinger league
I have known Huy for a while, he has done many different services for me ;) I highly recommend him, he is very nice, highly trustable and reliable!
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

Follow me on twitch!
legit good guy +1 vouch
Great service! He was very clear in his explanation as to how it would work and he even chucked in a free tempest!
nice simple run
+20 Runner, provided service for free + provided free prophecy

Maxed out loot rows every time

Actually made multiple ex profit off 3 x 5-way runs

10/10 would run again
really nice guy, helpful and receptive!

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