🌟[3.11 Harvest HSC] Huy Services: Bosses / Seed + Bench Crafts / Splits / Anything🌟

fast, friendly carry, best carry I've met so far, totally recommend him!

Did my multi craft and my +2 socket for pure cost of crafts. 100% friendly and welcoming. Trust worthy from the start and I would honestly only use Huy from now on. On and willing to help almost nightly, with endless POE knowledge all you have to do is ask.
Carried me for a 4way again, many lines of loot on which rng abandoned me but nevertheless a smooth carry!
Thank you so much for the carry again.
Will always use your service for 4/5 emblem carries.
Always easy contact and ALWAYS at least minimum 1 ex everytime :P.
Thanks again for this wonderful journey you have given me since I was invited.
Love you <3
god bless this man, hands down the go to guy for all my needs. defo reccomend this guy!
My boy Huy is basically a charity if you give a vouch Kappa great streams too! I'd link an item but my RNG is trash, cheers Huy!

i was feeling a bit under the weather and my wrist was a bit sore from going to the gym so i decide to tune into huy stream and ask him for the special "HUYRICI" to 6ix link my staves and it only cost him 1570 fusing while he also save me from carpal tunnel if i were to do 1600 fusing by myself thanks huy (DONT FORGET twitch.tv/ihuy for exquisite PoE game play 5Head )
wow great guy very good job on 5 way carry and helpful on build thank u sir

Hey there,

would you also be available for a merciless & uber lab carry? My mf build is ultra squishy, barley made the cruel :-(

Please just let me know what the fees are! :) Thanks!
Good Guy, crafted +2 on bow very fast and free =)

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