🌟[3.11 Harvest HSC] Huy Services: Bosses / Seed + Bench Crafts / Splits / Anything🌟

best and cheap carry service ever :D if u like to collect loot it will be OMAIWA MOOOOOO :D NANNNNNNNNI
Great service and friendly!
Him and his assist were awesome, both did a great job! Very trustworthy and easy to work with :) 5+ lines and they even helped me get loot out when I took an accidental death from storm prophecy(whoops! XD ) I would recommend to all if you're looking for a 5 emblem carry :)
Huy is the spiciest 5-way carry around if you get a chance to hear that smooth voice of his you'd know why those legion mobs bend the knees. Incredibly trustworthy, always max lines and overall the best carry I've had the pleasure of knowing. If you need a 5 emblem carry, choose Huy!
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5 legion = 5 rows so easy. I've known iHuy for a long time and he's a great guy. I vouch for him 100%. Done multiple runs with him now and I'm super happy with every one of them. Best service out there in my opinion. Thanks Huy!
Perfect 5 way carry had 5 lines of loot with like a minute and a half left, helped me complete the challenge quickly. Super friendly dude as well!
best carry is huy carry
Yes, good, fast, hot, GoGO each time thx fo run.
Once again great service thanks a lot!
2nd run done, max loot, such an awesome guy to work with. will be recommending to pretty much everyone!

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