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webster021 wrote:
hi your build is pretty cool i have a question about the helmet: i have rare with cyclonem dmg 40%, but on abyssus ezomyte burgonet i have bigger dps. is this possible? I play ps4 and I don't have a pob

Yes, Abyssus DPS will be hugely more than any cyclone helm enchant.

That said, I don't like using Abyssus on anything other than Jugg. The increased physical damage taken hurts. I would rather just use a fossil crafted cyclone enchanted helmet with life and resists.

CloudNguyen98 wrote:
I know this isn't a popular idea, but bringing 3 orbs of regret everytime running Uber lab? To undo Vaal's Pact for the run, and only level it again for Aspirin(the boss which i dont know the name)? maybe 4 if Argus might become a concern.

I guess you could? It seems a bit unnecessary though. Honestly the biggest danger in uber lab is traps, and that is why people typically deallocate vaal pact. It really isn't hard enough to need to reallocate vaal pact for Izaro.
How often are people running uber lab anyway?

killmoh123 wrote:
What would be the best 2 influences to apply to a chest piece? i have

What influence-specific affix are you aiming for, exactly? It looks like you probably have six affixes on your armor already.

dse189 wrote:
Can someone pls tell me how to get -15 mana cost to skills in my armour and -6 mana cost in my rings. I need a detailed step by step explanation im kinda noob. I got the entire gear setup except the -6 mana cost of skills and the -15 on the armour.

twonkz made a pretty good post on page 49 detailing the fossil crafting process for the chest. The ring crafts just come from unveiling. I personally suggest just using blood magic for your movement skill and blood rage though. I am also 100% behind running a health potion though, particularly on a vaal pact build.
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I for my life can't find the -15 mana cost to socketed gems suffix for my body armour. What is the exact name of the suffix and how do I get it/ find it in poe.trade.
It is a craft from serrated fossils.

Also don't use poe.trade. It has been mostly irrelevant for a couple of leagues now.
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ShadowMn wrote:

Don't reroll it, just farm for elder base and then try rolling high tier life, -mana and attacks have 1.XX % to critical chance once you have some currency saved up.

Been away for a bit but thanks will save up and give it a go... just to manage my expectations am I reading it right that by adding the elder base I'm adding a whole bunch of additional pref / suffixes so its likely to take quite a few more rolls?

Or is there a better way?
Hey, Asramero. I really like your build, this is insane powerfull and i doing all content easily. Now a looking for some upgrades (i already have all upgrades you recommend in guide). I thinking about double pride Watcher's Eye, what you recommend?
I'm considering keeping "Your Hits Intimidate Enemies for 4 seconds while you are using Pride".
"Impales you inflict last # additional Hits while using Pride" look overpower, but its very, very expansive (1 mirror of kalandra, lol).
"Chance to Impale Enemies on Hit with Attacks while using Pride" seems useless, i think my 62% chance to impale is enough.
"Chance to deal Double Damage while using Pride" looks good for the build and, most important, i have currency enough to spend on it. However, increases physical damage is also nice.
By the way, I'm really in doubt about this item.

Loving this guide.
Why did this change:
Blood Rage > Blood Magic > Enhance lvl 3 ?
What was it before? Since Engance isn't needed right, and portal is just convinience?

What's a good gem to put there? Or is Enchance 3 really good?

-New player


Once I have more budget how else can I make this stronger?? Should I look for rings with curse on hit? Should I craft a Paradoxica both hands and get rid of the pacifism? If I were to craft a Paradoxica what mods should I be looking for? Right now my max life is 5.5k. My tool tip dps goes up to 312k and I'm able to clear t16 maps including guardians but it doesnt feel like I deal enough damage to beat end game bosses. Need some tips on how I can get even stronger.
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Hi everyone, i really need some help here, i moved to paradoxica champion and the dmg gain is really great. However, i am not sure if i did everything right with skills and items, looking at the poe.ninja builds section, everyone seems to be using different passives and skills. Could anyone check out my gear and tell me if i made a mistake anywhere please? And if yes,what should i change?
FilthyMonkey wrote:
It is a craft from serrated fossils.

Also don't use poe.trade. It has been mostly irrelevant for a couple of leagues now.

Sorry to quote you, but like im a bit confused, this build is viable in this league 3.9 , pob isnt updated and neither is current gear, so i just follow all the other stuff? I have the build done in my character with all items except for chest -15 mana cost, would you kindly be able to take a look at my items and tell me if i can go through with the build i have or i have to change stuff, id appreciate it so much! Thank you
I havent leveled to use the belt yet but i have it with good rolls

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