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I still enjoy playing this build, but I wish to be more tanky. I like delving, I'm on 270+ deep and sometimes it's hard to survive. T15-16 is usually ok, but still I find it really hard to reach lv 94:)

Any suggestion what can be upgraded?
Did some changes lately in skill tree, so I can add about 0,5k life for dps. But it wasn't a big change to me.

here's my stuff, tree is on profile

Hello there, could someone pls check out my build on my profile ? im not sure that to upgrade right now. kind of lost.
Filip1490 wrote:

Hope I helped.

it do. At moment i don't know how to change my ascendancy (there is a way)?

With 2 anvi+actual belt, there is again advantage in survability? is this my problem not the damage, i saw 1.4 milion or 4 milion do no different, i always map easly, but i can die one shot if i have a little lag with boss (stop leeching)

i added that boot with elusive and tailwind for die less, but i just gain only more dmg. a viable solution for not die one shot if i have little lag ?
Filip1490 wrote:
Infuse channelling provides better defences thus survivability.

i just noted that infuse channelling support gem need 111 int at level 20/20 and with the build's setup we have not so much int
i just noted that infuse channelling support gem need 111 int at level 20/20 and with the build's setup we have not so much int

One way to improve this build is playing with Enlighten lvl4 in order to get Herald of Purity (And circle of Guilt, which is huge DPS boost). In this way we do need 100 int (more or less)
The unique Atziri's Acuity Vaal Gauntlets are pretty good at gather int (Plus it gives you vaal pact)

By the way, Infuse channeling replace Melee Physical Damage Support, which could be replace by it's own awakened version (for mooore DPS and Intimidate on hit)
I don't usually leave comments in the forum but feel like this guide / build warrants one!

Got done with all of the content (Did more than my fair share of Sirus A8, reached LVL94 and completed 36 challenges).

I mostly used the stock build with some tweaks here and there (and no watcher's eye).

Thanks for the good times! This was an excellent choice for this bossing league.
Guys, quick question here, I am trying to craft -15 mana cost on my armor and I have not been able to get it, just to be sure I am doing it correctly as it can be quite expansive. Here is my armor, it is level 100, I was wondering if it was an error to use a such high level armor because it could make it harder to have the -15 mana cost.

I am crafting using serrated, metallic and pristine in a powerful chaotic resonator.

So far I ran it 4 times and have not get the -15 mana cost. So, should I just continue or there is somethign I am doing wrong?
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First off, I want to say... I am loving this build so far! It's taken me further into the game than I've ever gone before. I'm at the point of min/maxing this build, so I'm trying to squeeze every drop of performance out of it.

With that being said, are you making your updates to the build in Path of Building or on this forum post? There's a lot of differences in the gem setup between the Path of Building and the forum post, so I wanted to know which was the more accurate guide.
When it comes to chest slot, is it possible to craft one with all of these stats;

-15 mana to attacks
Killed enemies explode
Attacks have +1.4% crit chance

Please tell me I can

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