[3.11] Bowcaster Fireball Deadeye - Now for staves!

How does Inquisitor compare to Deadeye?

I really like the concept of the build, but how did you craft your chest? only dense + aetheric or even with sanctified additionally?
Really nice concept. Could you explain your reasoning for chain over for example fork?
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I am filthy casual, is there any cheap starter alternative for that bow ( i can prob get porcupine +1) but i dont have currency for additional crafting)
Is the amulet with fire damage regen a must for regen? or is there another way to regen?
Trying this out, you can this lvl ez as a caster with mana leech until you get a decent bow / quiver
You have Eldritch Battery in your gif/vid, but not on poe.ninja or your pastebin. Not good enough? How do you sustain the mana cost now?

EDIT: Nevermind, its due to the helm, of course.
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So far I'm using
and a mana flask, up to level 53 and using fireball, just did 2nd lab, so far so good. I know the OP states the mana cost is too high to level with but it's going pretty well so far, hopefully I don't hit any brick walls soon. Once I hit the right level I'll try the helm and MoM, see how it goes.

Any suggestions for a good bow to look out for during leveling? I'm using a +2 projectile tabula and it seems to be enough damage.. for now.
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Any particular reason for the Purity of Ice? The extra max res seems nice but I was wondering what made you pick it over any of the other possible options.

Also, the wiki says that the fireballs don't explode when they chain. Doesn't that devalue the threshold jewels since you're going with a chain build, or is it that valuable that it's worth dedicating two slots to?

Purity of Ice because it helps with cold damage, but also because I found a watcher's eye that converts some phys to cold. It's not required for this build.

The fireballs still explode after they finish chaining, and they will chain fully in legion encounters, as well as if they hit any obstacles.

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