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[3.12] Ultimate EDTrickster [2M dps - UNKILLABLE] No change in 3.12, RIP Harvest

Darkxellmc wrote:

If we had 2 more sockets, we'd use CwDT-Steelskin, that's insane value with wind dancer and I'm tilted I still haven't found a way to free the sockets.

If we're mostly using Blight for bosses, the whole Blight setup could go in a weapon swap. ED snapshots on hit. That would free up the whole chest! I did that last league and loved it.
After dropping Wicked Ward you can path to the cluster jewel slot near Eldritch Battery instead of using the one near acrobatics. You get 8% mana instead of 8% proj dmg and its the same number of points.
Planning on using this one to league start in Harvest and appreciate how quick the updates for 3.11 came!

A small/low prio request: if you are going through updating the PoBs, including them all in 1 PoB with different selectable trees from the menu at the bottom left would be helpful to easily transition from leveling tree 1/2/3 and starter/mid budget/min max gear sets to compare easier.

Not a big deal and I can/will just do it myself but might be a nice QoL for everyone following the guide.
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Hey I just wanted to point out that in your leveling section where you have the skill trees you are missing the intelligence node needed to path to No Witness. You have "Expeditious Munitions" allocated to represent "No Witness" but you need to allocate the intelligence node down and to the right to get there (which I saw you did for your level 94 tree).
I've seen a mention somewhere else that this Blight setup may be better:

Cast While Channeling Support
Efficacy Support
Controlled Destruction Support
Swift Affliction Support

Any thoughts on this?

Thank you
Since you dropped Wicked ward, wouldn't it be better to get Devouring Diadem to save 4 points on Eldritch Battery?
sasori1337 wrote:
Would be nice to see modified leveling section to use spell slinger ED Con / Bane since its a much smoother leveling experience.

I found leveling with spellslinger ED Con much better after my test today its really smooth compared to casting both skills and can easily take you to maps before changing into the standard setup.


would lift the guide to another lvl and is 100% worth it... saved me like 3h in my last test run... reduced the time of a10 kitava kill from 8hours to 5hours and im not a racer at all lol...

its realy not a big deal to create ruff lvling guide for this, since its super easy even if u not optimize every step.


lvl 1-28: look for two G-G-G (preferably not bow or chest but either will do)

collect, ident and sell all rare drops u aint using to collect alterations... u will need them to buy all the gems when u do the switch.

skills used (till lvl28):

caustic arrow + pierce + mirage archer G-G-G

toxic rain + void manipulation + onslaught or faster attacks G-G-G

single target pre merveil -> punkture + lesser poisen G-G

skitter bots

smoke mine/flamedash/frostblink... pick something or what fits ur links


switch to spell slinger at lvl28 (ruffly in act3 before or after piety kill):

drop the bow and use 2 wands
good mods: +1 chaos gems/spell dmg/dot multi

soulrend + controlled destruction + spell slinger (later add gmp when u have a 4link) B-B-B-(G)

essence drain + controlled destruction + spell slinger (later add efficacy when u have a 4link) B-B-B-B

contagion + spell slinger B-B

frenzy + faster attack G-G

bane + dispair (add controlled destruction if u have a spare 3link) B-B

wither + spell totem support + multi totem support R-R-B


done... hf up to high yellow maps or even higher with some investment (but recommend switch to the original build at that point)

Noob question, would we use the same passive skill tree as the levelling guide for this though?
I noticed you don't use Arcane Surge in the build. If you replace Contagion's Faster Casting, and replace it with a level 9 Arcane Surge (51 mana to proc, Contagion costs 53) you gain 14% more spell damage.
would we use the same passive skill tree as the levelling guide for this though?

one of the many upsides this lvling method has, is that it requires way less respecc then for example lvling with oos and shit... so yeah the tree is very similar to the one u would use in the final ED/C build.

Tytykillers pob:

ofc this is from 3.10 so the tree might need some adjustments... also note that the gem/gear setups in this pob resamble the state of the build when already in maps, so it might differ a little from what i listed earlier (using a shield for example).
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Since you dropped Wicked ward, wouldn't it be better to get Devouring Diadem to save 4 points on Eldritch Battery?

u could totally do that, and its by no means a bad helmet for this build (other ED/C guides use it)... but since we are already losing our poison immunity, i think the chaos res of vertex might be more valuable then ever.

guess it depends on how annoying poison will be...
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