[3.11 HSC] Status: 🟢 ONLINE 🟢 || Free Crafting Services

Status: 🟢ONLINE🟢

You can catch me streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/incommodious if you'd like to watch or ask for a craft here.

Bringing this back for Harvest, but just crafting for now

Crafting is free, all you have to do is supply the cost of the craft and please bring a scour orb with you if you're changing a craft. Also, I'd appreciate if you guys could vouch after the craft here.

PM me in game @Incommodious or @Inco, or add my account: IncoKola

Jun hates me, so currently I just have most meta mods such as:
-Multi mod
-Trigger a socketed spell
-All DoT multipliers
-Spell dmg/non-chaos
-Min Frenzy/Endurance/Power charges
-Level of Socketed Support gems
-Max life as extra Max ES
-Quality of Socketed Gems
-Channeling/Non-Channeling cost
-Cannot roll attack/caster mods
-Six link/six socket

Those are the ones off the top of my head, I'll continue to get more as Jun quits evading me.

Old stuff, ignore this
4/5 Emblem Carry: FREE (tips appreciated)
Sirus kill: 50c (any awakening level)
Elderslayers: 20c
Crafting: Free, can tip if you want, but it's not expected (I have most meta crafts, just message me in game and I'll check to see!)
NOTE: ^Please bring scour orbs if they're needed since I do it for free :D

🟢 🔴
[3.11 HSC] Status: 🟢 ONLINE 🟢 || Free Crafting Services
[3.11 HSC] Status: 🔴 OFFLINE 🔴 || Free Crafting Services


Character name is IncoKola for carries, and Econmodious for emblems since I may be on another character, whisper or add my account IncoKola

How it works:


KEY NOTE FOR MAX LOOT: For the first ~10 waves, wait for full circle to get max loot

Your hideout, or mine if you don't have 5 map device for 5 way, and you will be resetting in middle. How to reset: Stand in middle until pulse wave goes out to spawn mobs, once pulse goes off, step out of purple circle in middle, then immediately back in and wait for pulse, rinse and repeat.

Sirus: *Note: I can do about any realm* Set your realm to Washington D.C. and change your hideout with Helena so it also makes your hideout realm to D.C. (fight goes off your hideout realm). Go into the eye of the storm, and once the portals spawn go back to your hideout from the portal you went in. I'll type something

I usually stream during my runs at: https://www.twitch.tv/incommodious

As always, please vouch in my thread if you're satisfied with the service :)
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Bump, available now
+1 5 Stacks of loot guaranteed.
Helped carry me, quick and easy. 10/10 would recommend on Tuesdays.
MistyZero wrote:
Helped carry me, quick and easy. 10/10 would recommend on Tuesdays.

Kylemtrix wrote:
+1 5 Stacks of loot guaranteed.

Ty, enjoy your loot guys :)
A real gentleman, providing good service. Would recommend.
+1 from me
5/7 carry, good jokes, nice tits, flat ass, 10/10 drops, would do it again.
Thanks for the carry!
Bump, online now!
Quick, clean and reliable carry - 10/10

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