[3.12 HSC] Status: 🟢 ONLINE 🟢 || Free Crafting Services and Cheap Bossing/5 Way Carries!

instant and awesome service for Sirus kill. thanks IncoKola!
Fast Sirus kill and good guy
Very fast carry and an overall fantastic human being :D
Pog carry, has done several of my kills. Streams + cheap + fast. Will be using him for all my sirus kills
ign: OvenChicken, BradenHoltbeast, DuelistBetterThanShadow
Quick clean and shiit loot 10/10
I'm a Pepega and forgot to update thread to online, should be back streaming tomorrow!
Last edited by IncoKola on Jan 4, 2020, 4:05:30 AM
Actually edited thread to online this time, and streaming at https://www.twitch.tv/incommodious

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