[FU5ION] READY for HEIST! - 250 slots / 28 gStash tabs




We are currently looking for members that don't know the meaning of burnout and play the WHOLE league!

BEST way to join is /w me in game @starkformachines OR DISCORD here:
https://discord.gg/rdYefVj - message @stark4machines#9022

If you are IN GAME message / whisper - @StarkforMachines and tell me about yourself, your goals, and your goal for this current league.

Fusion (formerly Filthy Casuals under a great leader "Enthar" of RAW Gaming) is a guild that has been around for quite a while. We have 250 member slots and a lot of active members so there will always be someone on to party / trade / help.

We have:
- A VERY active helpful guild chat 24 hours a day
- Daily streams showing tips
- A well managed guild stash (28 labeled tabs)
- A central guild crafting bench
- Lab Runners
- Boss killers
- Map sellers and exchangers

Accepting all players, most timezones, from new to veteran, we don't discriminate!

Current Space: 156/250

Youtube INFO video:

Also, I stream tips and help new players / guild members 7 days a week:

Member Testimonials:
"Hey I just wanted to thank you again for all the info and help you have given me not to mention the patience answering every damn question every 3 seconds.
My friend who got me into this game a year or more ago, who doesnt play anymore, came over to my house to chill. And i was in a map when he walked in. And saw some thing I had, like zerphi's etc. He asked how much cash I have spent on RMT. Told him none. But my guild actually really helped me out and showed me a shit ton of stuff in how to make my own gear easy, while making good money. Like the first time i used that essence on that chest piece and got a 2 ex chest piece from it, and it snowballed from that. Whole purpose of writing this is to thank you again, for showing me the ropes, which in turned got me hooked on this game.
and my friend saying that, made me realize its thanks to you
so thanks again"

"you guys have been the biggest help ever. I'm enjoying this game so much more everytime I meet more people."
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Recruiting NOW for the next 12 hours! :D
Recruiting NOW for another 5 hours!
Recruiting NOW for another 10 hours!

Welcome to the GUILD!
Recruiting today! :)
currently play legion
IGN : VipeRManceR
gateway : sg

just started to play 3 week only, still new to the game.
hope that can join the guild
Recruiting all day today! :)
On and recruiting!
Recruiting today! :)
Recruiting now! :D

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