[FU5ION] READY for HEIST! - 250 slots / 28 gStash tabs

We up in here recruiting today until 4:00 PM PST

Tell me about yourself and what your PoE goals are!
Recruiting today for 4 hours! :)
Recruiting NOW for the next 8 hours!

Let's teach some exiles!

I would like to join your guild! IGN FLYLITTLEBIRD , I've been grinding solo for a bit so im looking for a change.
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Hello. id like to join. I just started playing POE the past couple months and really enjoy it. spend alot of the time in the game currently on blight but have a standard character as well. Looking for a guild to chat and hangout and just play some POE! name is BlightedFart in blight lol
cool guild
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esdure1308 wrote:
cool guild

Hey thanks!

Online recruiting today as well :)
I'd like to join the guilde, I have around 1k hrs solo playtime and looking for an active guild to share the fun with :)

IGN: RoyalJanitor

I am a "rather" new player. Started in breach, played a little. Tryed hardbringer, played a little. Came back in bligth, played A LOT, and liked it so much that i am now on my second char of the league ( alot for me ) And i would love a guild for the upcoming leagues.

My account name is Slaqziz
The char i play on now is called: Shit_Goes_Puuuuf

I am from denmark, 31 years of age. And would love to have something "social" brougth to me by this game.

Hope to be a part of youur guild!
Okay I will invite today!

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