[FU5ION] READY for HEIST! - 250 slots / 28 gStash tabs

Seems i just missed ya online. To tired to re-type, so here's my whisper lol

@starkformachines hello, just saw your recruitment post, and looking to join. I definitely plan on seeing the league thru and then some, but I only play about 15'ish odd hours a week. Looking for a guild to run these juiced maps with while i fill the atlas and farm :) If your okay with the lower weekly hours played, id love to try you guys out.

I do need to get some food going, so will be afk, but would love an invite if possible when your back on!

Thanks! IGN: Aufs_TR
IGN: Aufs_TR
We have the #1 guild in Wraeclast for your needs.

Be persistent when trying to get in.

You deserve it ;)

If you a looking for a BIG group of helpful Exiles...


Sounds like a good guild for all players. May I join please?

IGN: CallMeMara


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