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<Mission>Not actively recruiting at this time

Special thanks to Conq (Conqurer) for gifting me the hideout I used for our banner.

We're only taking discord users at the moment so please join our discord, get to know us (and us you) and we'll get you in as soon as we can! Please feel free to chat it up with us, play some group maps, trade with us, or whatever, while you wait, shortly, for an invite. Make sure and go to the "join-mission" channel and let us know you want to join. We share a discord server with <Mission Impossible>", so make sure you go to the right join channel. You can download discord at
Our Discord link is

If you're on your way to our discord, please BUMP THIS THREAD on your way out and let us know you're on your way ;-)

18+ ONLY

We're expanding our already active Eastern Hemisphere membership. If you're looking for an active guild, this is the one! Please check out this video for more information.

Guild Page:

Mission was originally created to help new players. It has since grown into one of the most successful guilds, in the game. We’re also the largest, most active guild. While we still help new players, intermediate to advanced players comprise most of our membership. Anyone, of any experience level, is welcome to join.

The following information pertains to Delirium league.
We're working our way up to all of this, in Harvest, and will be there soon!

We currently have 69 stash tabs we're working with, in Delirium. All the tabs are totally organized, too. They're not filled with garbage, either, because they're not FFA tabs. We have 14 tabs full of different leveling unique items, which come in handy when our members are leveling a new character.

We also have 18 tabs dedicated to only maps of several types (over 2000 maps total). Maps are free upon request. Request limitations are set for each type of map tab. For example, our yellow map tabs are limited to 8 maps requested (per day). Because we offer such a wide selection of maps, our members are completing their atlases very quickly.

The Standard stash is closed, since most players have everything they need, in Standard, or are able to get things, by purchasing them.

We're very active. We currently have 240+ active members. We usually have 40+ members logged in, at a time, during the day (NA times) and even more (usually 55+) during peak times. Sometimes we even get 65+ logged in!

Our experienced players who will answer your questions, or guide you to the appropriate place, on the internet. Just ask in our busy guild chat. This guild is THE place to be, especially if you're a new player! You'll actually get the help you need.

Mission is a very solid guild. We're active, friendly, happy, helpful, experienced, and generous!

Click the spoiler for a sneak peak of our stash

*And there are more tabs! Items requested out of the stash will be retrieved by one of our dedicated Officers and placed in the Pickups tab (a tab dedicated to only item transfers), for you to grab out, so there is no need to party up or meet the Officer. Want to see more? Click the Youtube video link:

Week Long Mapping:
We're running unique maps, such as The Coward's Trial, Poorjoy's Asylum, Blighted maps, Beachheads, Pure Breach Stones, and other unique maps, all week long, until Delirium ends. I purchase them, in bulk, until we have tons maps to run, each week. In addition to what I purchase, we get a lot of member donated maps.

Maps are run, in 6 player groups, to get the most out of each map. Maps are set on permanent allocation, so it's fair to every player in the group.

Weekend Mapping:
Every weekend, we we'll be running the more rare/demanded unique maps, plus what we normally run during the week. Weekends are full of mapping goodness! Lots of members get atlas map completions (and LOOTZ) all weekend long.

Click the spoiler to see an example of what maps we run.

We have several different contests all week long. Here are a few of the contests we have:
Every now and then I'll ask a random trivia question. Whoever answers it correctly, first, in guild chat wins. The prizes range from 20C to a Divine Orb.
Find the Exalted Orb:
I pick a random tab out of our 69 guild tabs, and place an Exalted Orb into it, unlock it, and announce what I've done in guild chat and members race to find which tab it's in and the first one to find it and grab it out keeps it.
Map Hunt:
I qualify 5 members, in various ways, to join a map party. I tell them to turn their filters off and have them find me a specific item. Highest mod wins and Exalted Orb. If nothing is found in a map, we do another map, the prize doubles to 2 Exalted Orbs. An Exalted Orb is added to the prize for each map ran after the second. Non-winning qualifiers get a 20C prize for qualifying.
Guild Tab Stash Grab:
I fill a hidden reserved tab full of random currency stacks and partial stacks and items. I announce in guild chat for everyone to head to the stash and give them about a 5 minute warning, with a 1 minute warning at the end. Then I announce the grab, unlock the tab, and everyone grabs out what they can as fast as they can. This one is my favorite to do! To see a video of one of these stash grabs:
69! Guild Stash Tab
Our 69th tab is also a contest tab! Here's how it works: It's sort of like a wishing well where members can drop currency into. When it's full, the entire contents of the tab is awarded to one winner who is determined by winning a randomly chosen contest/challenge.

1. Be respectful to all players, in the game, whether in the guild or not.
2. No talking about politics or religion, of any kind, because this leads to drama, which brings us to rule #3
3. No drama. If you have a problem with another guild member, please take it up with me. No arguing in guild chat! Take it to whispers if need be.
4. Speak English. Not to be discriminatory, but we have to be able to communicate, as a team.
5. No extreme vulgarity. If it's offensive, please keep it out of guild chat.
6. Be active. If you are absent, from the game, without notice, for 7 days, you will probably be removed. You are always welcome back when you return. I usually have members post notes on their characters in their friends tab, if they are going out of town or are going to be absent for any reason.
7. No Begging. If someone offers to help you or is giving their stuff away definitely get in on that but begging is definitely frowned upon, here. It’s fine to ask for petty stuff, in guild chat, for lower value stuff, that people just have laying around. Begging is defined as asking for, or repeatedly asking for higher end/more valuable items, in guild chat, or asking individual players, who are more well off, for free stuff. Guild chat encompasses and is defined as in game guild chat, discord voice and text channels, and any form of private messaging.
8. No real money trading. If you are found scamming and/or cheating, in this game, in any way, you will be removed.
9. Have fun. Help others have fun, too!

We have Discord. 900+ members strong and growing daily. Our voice chat, sometimes, gets quite busy. It's active almost all the time. Plus we have lots of discussions on game-play. We also have guides and videos to help you learn the game better. It's not mandatory to use it, but it sure will help you. You don't need a microphone, either. We have text channels, too.

We've got a boosted Discord, which means the quality is a lot better than the unboosted, free version. Here are our discord capabilities:
+50 server emoji slots (for a total of 100)
128 Kbps audio quality
Animated server icon
Custom server invite background
720p 60fps Go Live streams

Please read the information at the top of this page, to learn how to get an invite to Mission. When you get an invite, it can be found in your guild tab, under your social menu (press s). Be sure and check when you get on, to see if you have an invite.

If you get an invitation, you have 2-3 days to accept, before I cancel the invite. I always look to see if anyone I invited is on, and message them to let them know they have an invite. If you're not reachable in 2-3 days, the invite gets cancelled. So, please don't ask for an invite then go offline for days.

“Hey there. Glad someone stepped forward to make a guild like this.” ~lone_death

“Just came back to the game, this guild has been super helpful in getting up and running again. Come an join us for some good times! I have never been alone in a voice channel!” ~Mangekyou80

“I've played quite a few MMO's in my life and the re-occurring problem is guilds lack effort. This guild is, by far, the best one I've seen in a long time, if not the best overall. Really great interactive members.” ~Abort[censored]

"Just wanted to say thank you for all that you and the officers do for this guild. It’s my first season I’ve truly enjoyed playing in quite a long time (I didn’t play after Abyss until now) and the guild has been a huge reason for this. I’m sure you get a bunch of messages about things all the time about guild stuff, however I wanted to say thank you, for all the awesome and hard work you put in, as well as all the officers it’s truly appreciated." ~Kynnar

"As a semi new player still only 1 complete league through, this guild has taught me a lot. They are getting back to the roots of helping members out more, which is really a plus, because a lot of stuff, newer players don't know or understand. So thanks for allowing me to be apart of the team and learn more and pass along what I've learned to other new players." ~Ricven007

"This guild sucks! The guild leader is obviously compensating for “something” like a Hillbilly with a dually pickup truck and an ugly girlfriend. Nothing ever gets done because Koolaid and the Officers are always surfing for the “P” word on that Hub thing and never respond to anyone in guild chat." ~Killmaster7

Special thanks to all our donors! We've had quite a bit of generousity, when it comes to point donations! Please click the spoiler to see who helped...
Ken1496, th3w1ck3d1, chii93, Krisanix, Scotchfist, FreeKill_007, Mangekyou80, He11frenzy, Ikunaikyo, AgentTenn, SonGod, chillspid3r, ZorlicX, VOIDEV, Cop_Morty, Ken1496, LoCoZakk, Rawdok, AeronarDremar, exquisite_, Applewoodsmoked, Twitch_tv_Stalehumor, tacotaco989, borgoreee, serendipityuk, SnowboundAxis, cetvxs, dragon109255, khyaru, NerdySanchez, korbassa, AznGod, BrewskiesBrew, xxkirbysxx, Calad22, Warders1967, Conqurer, DrCyrix, paradox2419, Fulmens, Blinmp, frisbeeicarus23, TheChekko, Rootemusbob

How do we do it all?

Mission is run like a cross between a baseball team, a corporation, and a government. It all runs like a well-oiled machine, with each part working with the rest to create a finished product, which is the great team that Mission is.

Donations play a vital part of our guild system. Those who can support the system, in some way or another, do so. I take the contributions, whether they are items I can sell to raise funds to purchase things the guild needs or just raw currency. I give it away in one of the many other ways the wealth of the guild gets redistributed, fairly, among the members. This could also be through contests, map purchases, helping new players get some mapping gear, and more.

The members of Mission know that I'm not cheating them, in any way, out of any of the guild's wealth. I usually only play one character per league (I rarely have time for two). They also know that I make hundreds of exalts per league playing the crafting/selling market to help fund both my build and the guild. My priority is guild development and growth. That's my POE experience, here, for the most part. I do get to play a little here and a little there but I'm totally on it with guild management and development.

This has been a tried and true system, for us, since conception of this guild and will continue to be how we operate, here, in Mission.

Team building has always been a forte of mine, in both sports coaching and over two decades of gaming team leading. I always stress teamwork, with this team, and the results are astounding. The amount of maps and runs that members are sharing with the guild grows, exponentially, with each season. Delirium will ultimately see us doing thousands of guild runs between guild sponsored runs and member sponsored runs.

I could go on and on but the current wall of text, on this thread, is already causing eyes to bleed. If you want to learn more about us, join our discord (the link is at the top of this page), check out our newsletter, and other channels, and if you like what you see, hit me up with a Discord PM and I'll get you into the guild.

To see a longer, more in-depth description, of our stash and how it works, please check out this video

Check out the guild YouTube channel here

This game is truly a "world of pure imagination" which is why the following song was chosen for our official guild song:

Don't click!
Guild Stash Monkey
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Hey Hey.

I'm looking for a friendly guild to join. I'm a returning player from awhile ago. Trying to find some people to play with, voice preferred. I'm finding tons of items that would be super helpful to others but I don't have storage to keep so I want to give them away.

Kween_Kiwi is my character name.

Thank you!

I am a very new player and looking for people to show me the ropes of the game as I currently still do not know it.

FastAFBoies is my character name

I'm level 62 and wanna start grinding the game, tried it before but the builds never worked out that good. So my endgame knowledge is limited.

Playing a Frosblade Assasin

Charactername: Sliiicy

I am interested in joining as a relatively new player, though I am not sure how active I'll be once school starts in a month.

Level 60 Frost Elementalist
Hey there I am a newish player just got to maps on my first toon and would love to be part of a community of helpful players, I know a bit about the workings of things so id volunteer to help out when I can too :D Toon name is RebelThaFox. I am LVL 77 currently working my way through the atlas.
Hey there. Kinda new here. Looking for people to advance and play with in Legion.

IGN: zzMoistzz
Account Name: V1nC3nT17
Character Name: VipeRManceR
Highest Level: 51
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: July 2019
Country/Time Zone: Malaysia
Average Hours Played Per Week: 15+
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Played legion league so far to learn the game.

hope that got chance to join the guild.
New player here, looking for a friendly and active guild.
IGN soulsinsoul - lvl 90 trickster
Playing around 20h + by week
Hi, I'd like to join your guild!

I've played the game for a while but i don't consider myself a very knowledgable player.

IGN: Cumeleon___

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