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recruitment open again. sign up now before the spots are taken.
Guild Stash Monkey
IGN: sacstanxiang2

Hi, I have been playing poe from beta, jumping from league to league. Would definitely like to join the guild.

My highest level would be like 89, haven't done uber elder yet so XD
I would like to join. Profile says I started PoE in 2013 but I played for maybe a month and was then gone until a few weeks into Legion. I am definitely almost completely a newbie.

Highest level is 85(golemancer) but had the most fun with a scion aurabot(solo'ed until 73 then hit the wall) which I'd like to try again in Blight if possible.

ello im a "newish" player wanting to join a guild that could help me learn the game more.

my ign: shinegamer
Looking to get back into the game after being gone a while for Blight league. Will log back in later tonight. IGN: EDContKluze
Hello, im new to the game (first league) just curious if i would be able to join the guild?

IGN: Onithreesom
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This will be my second season, hope you have room for me.

I will be playing lightly until Blight launch, but ready to roll on 9/6.


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Hi there I'm a returning player I started playing a few years ago, I was still considered to be pretty new even back in the day when I was actively playing. So I would love to join this guild to hopefully learn from experienced players what the new content has to offer and to overall get back into the game :D

I have a SCION Level 85 IGN:NoNameCauseNO

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HI, new player here, like 1 week old. Was wondering if you have room for 1. Just hit level 65 and finished the mission.
IGN> Ego.Drako
Character name: ElementalDrako
lvl 65 deadeye

Ty and I hope we will see in game :)

Hi, i'd like to join, hopefully i can help some new players and get some tips on endgame crafting and atlas setups :)

Been playing since 1.0, got hooked in Breach and started trying hc/ssf since 3.0. I only play temp leagues as i'll never get bored enough to sort all those tabs in standard.

I'll be a returning player in Blight, didn't have much time to play last 2 leagues. My goals are to get my first lvl 100 sc and lvl 90 hc this league, so i should be up for group farm quite often.

IGN: BigStupidMobMelter

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