<MISSION>Active Players Only/Heist/71 Organized Tabs/Active Discord/240+ Active Members

Looking for a Guild and others to play with and I hope you still have spots open.
IGN Damnedtattoos
Im looking for active and organised guild for next league. Im playing late evening hours (CEST).
IGN Portez

I'm a very new player (lv.25 ranger) and I've been wanting to join a guild ever then since I started PoE and here I find this 'diamond in the rough' guild that seems perfect to me, which is why I would like to join.

IGN: MrGahman

Have a lovely day!
Yo, I wanna join. Got 60+ hours down but barely any pre-end game experience. Wanna learn and make some friends.

My character name is: diabloisbetterr

I returned from vacation, time to go back in this awesome team

ign dudu_templar
Hi Mission Team,

I'm just getting into this game and am about 30 hours deep with a level 72 character. So much to learn though and I'd love to be part of a friendly community to ask questions as the new league starts. Hopefully some day in the future I can be a resource to others too.

IGN: asmodiii

Hi! Newish player here looking for active people to play with! This seems perfect. Looking forward to help out newer players in Blight as well!

IGN : reapDuel
Hello. i am a new player i started playing about a week ago. my highest level is 48 in act 6 i think.

I speak english.
i can use discord but dont have a headset so i use my phone to speak through.
im very active like 1-5 hours per week day and 2-20 hours per weekend day.

in game name: TheTankLich


Can I join the guild?

Gateway: Singapore
IGN : twonoobtwostupid

Do i need to wait for 3.8 to be online and create the same IGN to join?
Hello. New player here!

From Singapore and English speaking, currently started playing 2 weeks ago.
Love to join an active community

In Game Name: Dizzysword
Current in standard league now.

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