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Hello , im a new poe player and i would like to receive some help because i dont yet understand the game. Im a lvl 65 ranger

Account Name: Tehmike6
Character Name: BullsEye__
Highest Level: 65
Country/Time Zone: Greece
Average Hours Played Per Week: 20
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): League Only
I'm a pretty new player trying to learn the game better, would be nice having some help from more experienced people.
Currently my only character is a level 18 ranger.

Character name: geminioo

Looking to join- relatively new player. Played a lot of Diablo and Grim Dawn. I joined POE during Legion, but have a few toons up around 80. Could use some help, though, and I'm fairly active.

Character name: WerdnaChamp


Character Name: LillieSatou
Highest Level: 97 (100)
Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: Oct 2013
Country/Time Zone: USA Pacific
Average Hours Played Per Week: 30+
Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Standard ONLY. Have played a lot of the older leagues, but none of them excited me until they were implemented into Core.

Fairly experienced aurabot here. I'd like to say that I know all of this games' mechanics (even though I actually know about 75-80% of them.) Played a TON of Diablo/Diablo II back in the days. VERY active.

hi, i like to help, i play for like 3k hours and i think a can help with some things.

CERB_HOLY my char
New player looking to join your guild!! IGN: OrochimaruMan
New to the game. Son and I have played for about a week. Would love to join a guild like this.

Our characters:



Thank you
We are in Standard BTW

Looking for some sociability in this game. :)
Hello guys,

I'm a new player looking for an active guild to help out (mostly answering my stupid questions :D ) with my first playthrough. I'm currently lvl 81 Frostblades assassin making my way through the atlas.

IGN: MoonToonC

Thanks <3

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