<Mission> Active Players Only/Harvest /HUGE Discord/69 Organized Tabs/240+ Active Members

Hi i would like to join :)

hello im looking for a friendly active guild
send invite
IGN: ashvoyagerr
Been playing for a while, but still some things to learn. I know somethings but far from being racer pro material.

Currently level 87.


Would like to join your MISSION!

Started playing actively a year ago after playing every few months since 2013, both guilds I've been in have had around 2-3 people online at any time on average. So, I'm looking for an active guild with people that can help out!

Highest level: 93
Current level in Blight: 90

IGN: phoueyyouey_ST
I would like to join the guild

nick: GiveMeThyName
Hi I would like to join
IGN: Nuntella
Hello, I would like to join please.

IGN: MinionBash

Hi! I'm a new player and would love to join you guys. Loving this new league and can't believe I didn't get into this game till now! LilyDreadful is my main. Thank you!

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