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Im a very active player.
Hi all

I want to join your guild pls :)

Aeskir is my Name

L40 Shadow btw
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Hi, I'm somewhat experienced in PoE. Looking for a guild to have some guildmates to play with. Current character lvl 50 Ranger.

IGN: redasdwqeasd
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Hiya! Started playing back in Incursion, decided I'd like to join a community and get more out of my game experience! My name is Beyblade_Bloodbath in game. Thanks!
Not a new player time-wise (played it in beta IIRC), but knowledge wise I lack a lot and would consider myself newb-esque. I'm also not that good in designing builds and need help with that.

Going to say it before I'm even considered - I won't be playing each day, nor can I promise to even play every 3-4 days. Just can't. But I will play it every 5th day for sure and sometimes more.

IGN: Amorphism


New player looking for a friendly guild.

In Game: SantoDragonII
Hello, I was in the guild last league but was kicked while on vacation. Hoping I could rejoin! Thanks :)
Hi, I'd like to join.

Character name is Frrosst.
IGN: HarinaPan

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