<Mission> Active Players Only/Harvest /HUGE Discord/69 Organized Tabs/240+ Active Members

Yo Guys,

Would like to help up and chat with a friendly community, hit me up ingame, current character is AhzekSeele or AhrimanAhzek, will probably be starting a new one tho

Thanks! :D

I'm level 62 Duelist player trying to find a guild.

Charactername: Falconrake
Hi there,

I currently have a level 40 Occultist, trying to figure out what the heck is going on as this is my first play through ;-)
I'm looking to join Your guild so I can learn more about the game, possibly help others too, once I've picked up a few things.

Character name: Paprok

Looking forward to hearing from you :)
I'm a level 62 lighting witch looking for a guild.
Character name : Collinula
SlipperyDisfunction ign
Hi! Advanced-ish beginner player here. Looking for a guild to join and would love and invite. Just looking for people in game to chat with and maybe map with!

IGN: gallant_FlaskLikeABoss
happy to join:ign:raisetheundeath

I'm level 78 witch player trying to find a guild
Character name:BURAKHAN_AY
Hey all,

i was clearly looking out for such a guild as i am a new player. Would really enjoy to join your guild, not just for the tips but more for a community to play with.

My Ingame Toon:


Looking forward to your response ! :D

Cya in-game
Hi, i would like to join pls.

IGN: PlewsyLegionD

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