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Hi, I am looking for a guild. I am playing in SC Leagues mainly. I have played in bestiary and incursion before. Reutrned game and having really fun. I want to share the fun with other fellow players. IGN:ArchradeBL
Hi, I am a new player looking for a group of people to learn and grow with. I have played many games of this type before, and am a fast learner.

Ingame name - DraconicWraith
Hi, I am looking for a guild. I am playing in SC Leagues and standard. I started to play in synthesis. IGN: JYStanleyl
I would love an invite to the guild. I am new to the game, but not the genre. I am playing league on Xaevn
Brand new to the game and looking to learn. Blight League Taroth_Blight
Hey there, I'm lookin for a friendly place to relax and relearn PoE. Played ages ago and just started getting back into this monster. I'd love to be allowed to join an active helpful community, You Can Find me on Sekain in game
Relatively new player, Trying to learn the game more and more each build. Although I'm seeking a relaxing guild that just likes to have fun together.

IGN blight league: Bandova
Character Name: Currently, OnlyWhenILoseMyself (I name all my characters, for the most part, after Depeche Mode songs ...). I just started this character playing Blight SSF. Why, who knows. I was bored.

Highest Level: 87 back in Synthesis.

Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: July 2017, I think? Whenever Breach league was ...

Country/Time Zone: USA East Coast. I live in New Jersey, because that's where the DOD left me.

Average Hours Played Per Week: Oh, it varies. At the beginning of a league, 30+ ... by the end of a league ... I have to remember to set my status so you all will know I didn't die or something. But, I'll usually come back for the next league.

Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): Seasonal mostly. Someday I want to get one of my characters up to Level 100. I don't think that would happen in a single season, so it will have to be in Standard.

Here's my mea culpa. I play a lot at the beginning of a season, usually. Then I'll slow down after the first couple of weeks, then I burn out sometime in the second month. So, I'll do something else for the last month of the season, until they post the new season, and then I'll waddle back in, and repeat the process.

I don't think that makes me a bad person. Does it? :-)
Hi!. Im a new player started 3 days ago. I have 2 lvl 70s with decent gear and I want to learn how the game works with a guild. Character name: ZealousXDD
Hello, I would like to apply to your guild.

I am a very active player and always go hard during leagues. I invest an absurd amount of currency into my builds and would love to join a guild that is active.

My current guild is pretty much dead, with me being the only one online most of the time.

My current character is TheGangBang and the highest level I've ever reached is 98, I'm considering making the push to 99 as I am 1/4th of the way there but 100 is a definite no for me.

Thanks for your consideration.

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