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Level 34 Templar
Blight League

i'm loving this game so far

I would love to be a part of your guild, i myself are "rather" new to the game. I Gave up WoW because classic came out and my guild died. So now i am looking for a new place where i can be social and have fun!

I am 31 years old and from Denmark. I play as much as i can, currently on my second char of the league. And planning on playing in the leagues to come!

My account name is: Slaqziz
My Bladevortex char, which i play now is called: Shit_Goes_Puuuuf

Would love to hear from you!
I would love to join ! :) Im experienced player with some break (4 months). Always push to 36 challs. Start blight for 1 week so dont have 36 chals now;) Im working on it. Im very helpful and try to help other players if I can.

Char namne: Tirrus_Zombiemancer

Would love to hear from you!
Hello, I want to join your guild as I enjoy interacting with other players.
Character name: FrostKirimja
Hello =)

Account Name: Pjey

Character Name: Oldmanpj

Highest Level: 95

Month & Year You Started Path of Exile: I started during the first closed beta of poe, been in a guild called "Burn" ever since. But they are all inactive these days and none wants to play together or even help each ohter! So i'm looking for a new and active home to have fun and be productive in =)

Country/Time Zone: Sweden, age 29, Think we are GMT +1 now, Wintertime nowdays

Average Hours Played Per Week: Depends a lot, Studying irl to become a Measurement Engineer in the GEO sectre, Maps and all. So my playtime may varie alot, but I tend play alot when I play. Im the nice guy that leaves my own map, to give a guy a waypoint and forgets that I was in a map to begin with xD

Player-type (League Only, Hardcore, Standard, Etc.): League only, SSF or TRADE depends on what build i'm playing, but mostly trade. Trading is fun when you aren't whispering 3000 afk guys for a day =D

Feel free to ask any more questions if you have =)

Hey, I’m a pretty new player and I’m wanting to join my first guild! :)
Account name- FalconDogXx
Highest level 80
I play in standard
I have started a new character called “laziBoiz”
Hi I'm a new player that just recently got back into the game after a long break. I would really like to join this guild as my first ever guild.

Character Name: Spooky_Individual
I havent been on in awhile, I would like to be in the guild again.(McDockins)
Hey my IGN is Addah and I reached out on Discord as well.

Been playing for a long time, regularly on every league the past few years.

I'm curious to join a nice guild like this, let me know!
Hey, I'm looking for a socially active guild with people ready to pull together to push early league and just talk about ice cream and spaghetti. I have been playing regularly for a few leagues now but played PoE for the first time sometime around Invasion.

If it sounds like a good fit for your guild, please let me know.

Some of my characters:
HowYouLikeThemSpooders (BrittleKnees PL)
VeriColdVeriBrrr (Blight SC)
LockStepIsALie (ZIGGYDs PL)
PraiseDaThickness (Legion SC)
BFourTayNayrfEet (Legion SC)
Brrandoon (Synthesis or Betrayal SC - can't remember)

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