<Mission> Active Players Only/Harvest /HUGE Discord/69 Organized Tabs/240+ Active Members

Hi, I am hoping I can join your guild.


Aiming for 36/40 challenge. Willing to help others with their challenges too.
hello, I'm looking for a noob friendly guild.

IGN: MelonMeta
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hi id like too join ya guild started on poe about 2 weeks ago
redneedsajob is char name
ign: Dreddkata

Looking forward to playing together!
Hello, I'd like to join you guys.
Have been playing for many leagues since the beginning with some breaks in between.

IGN: CA_SpinDieRepeat

looking to join guild and progress with some cool ppl IGN :GodOfWakanda
Interested in joining.

FIVE_K_MIRRORS is one of my characters.
Howdy, I'd like to join and have somewhere to talk, ask questions and every now and again give advice in a place that isn't global.

The character I'm currently using is TempleofGodhood
looking for an active guild to do the challenges and play.

IGN: DillDacker

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