<MISSION>Active Players Only/Heist/71 Organized Tabs/Active Discord/240+ Active Members

Tired of dead guilds? This is the guild for you ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ.
Been in this guild for 2 leagues now
Looking for an active guild with an active discord with members that use voice coms.

IGN: Mana_Walrus
IGN: Rumthorp
Stream Channel: www.twitch.tv/rumthorp
Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Rumthorp
Looking for active guild of some cool people to play with, solo is getting old. But this does make me regret my IGN choice.... but IGN: papajohnspizzaa ;D
Hello, extremely active for the first few weeks of every league until i burn out. Really experienced with the game, and recently kicked from a guild i had some hard-falling with. Things get personal sometimes. This time around, i just want a guild chat to entertain myself in between maps.

Current Metamorph Main Character is "Blitz_Branding" in case you consider an invitation.

Thanks for reading. For any questions, just PM me directly in-game or through the website, i have a trade tab active always so I'll see it very soon.
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Join the guild and come have fun with us :D
KattenPJ wants my lootluck in the guild, Im willing to share it for an invite :)
Hi I'm a returning player seeking a guild for this league. Previously played on Xbone, decided to try PC version this time around.

Character name is "CarefreeSnoopy". Currently level 64 and just finishing act 8.
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Yo, was in the guild before but went away on a little trip. :)

Would love to comeback.

IGN: PlusOneSA
IGN: SYoshimtuM
seems like a great place to be
Character: Brassica_Prime
Seems like a friendly place to settle down.

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